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Wednesday 1st of September is WORLD CLL DAY when the global community comes together for Blood Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness

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Dear friends

On Wednesday people affected by a diagnosis of CLL/SLL have the opportunity to come together around the globe with all groups involved in improving the clinical care, support and treatments of this blood cancer.

World CLL Day will give those affected by a diagnosis of CLL/SLL a much needed voice, raise awareness and improve understanding of the challenges involved in living with CLL/SLL and raise awareness about the vulnerability of CLL'SLL patients and other immune compromised people during the pandemic.

With CLL being the most common leukaemia, the number 1 and first day of Blood Cancer Awareness Month, 1st September was chosen by the international CLL community for World CLL Day.

WCLLD activity will also help build momentum towards other major National and International events involving the CLL community during Blood Cancer Awareness Month across the rest of September. Please join WCLLD and disseminate the news amongst your network and beyond. Please share as widely as possible and help.

Check out the website at to learn more about this first ever World CLL Day, how to get involved and enable access to downloadable campaign materials for use in your Social Media posts and other online channels. World CLL Day Social Media materials have been created in different languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Macedonian, and Czech).

Please Join with us on Wednesday 1st September and become involved in the social media campaign. In order to ensure World CLL Day has maximum impact, please do not post campaign materials prior to Wednesday, 1 September 2021! Materials are provided exclusively to help you to prepare for World CLL Day

How can I become involved tomorrow?

Download materials to share in your social media posts

Download a campaign banner to tailor your social media channels for the day

Spread the word to let your contacts, colleagues, family and friends know about WCLLD21

If you are not a social media user you can still share-your-voice and templates of your message will be shared during the global discussion

Join the discussion on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram Social Media channels using WCLLD21 materials to amplify awareness

When posting on Social Media include the hashtags #meandmyumbrella, #WCLLD21 or #immunitycommunity to maximise the reach and awareness raising

Take a selfie with an umbrella (be creative) then add it to your post and share on social media including hashtags #meandmyumbrella, #WCLLD21 or #immunitycommunity

Help to spread the word and amplify your posts by tagging others in your network when you post and include hashtag addresses in some posts to reach wider discussions such as #BloodCancerAwarenssMonth

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This is an opportunity to make yourself heard!

Tell us what you would like others to know, in up to 150 characters. and it will be shared during the day in social media messages to help raise awareness.

For example:

What it´s like to live with CLL in this current pandemic situation?

How important is other people´s immunity to you as a CLL patient or carer?

you can share your voice here:

This system is automated can be anonymous, or with imaged forenamed & country as per examples below, how your quotes may look when disseminated,

Example share your voice social media templates
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Plenty of ideas to promote the World CLL Day, thanks so much Leukaemia Care