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Step out for Spot Leukaemia to help fund support for people affected by a diagnosis of leukaemia

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September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month and the Leukaemia Care Spot Leukaemia campaign begins.

Please consider joining us in fundraising activities to help support people affected by a diagnosis of leukaemia. The Step out for Spot Leukaemia is a terrific opportunity to have a socially distanced adventure and help fund support for leukaemia patients.

Please share this initiative with friends and family to enable others to join our Spot Leukaemia campaign and step out for everybody who has been affected by a blood cancer diagnosis. We’re asking you to walk or run your miles and raise vital funds to provide financial support to leukaemia patients.

Join our Step Out challenge for free, set your distance and ask your friends and family to sponsor you. Once signed up, you’ll have your very own fundraising page, support from the Leukaemia Care team and a medal upon completion if you raise £50 or more - but there are other exciting goals along the way too.

You can register your challenge here:

More information about the how's , what, why when involved in taking part here:

Frequently asked questions:

How much is it to take part?

The Step Out for Spot Leukaemia challenge is completely free of charge to sign up. To receive one of our Spot Leukaemia medals, we are asking participants to raise £50 each but anything you can raise will be appreciated.

How do I register?

Simply click on this link fill in the short form and you’re off!

How do I track my distance?

Once you’ve registered, you’ll need to link your Strava to your GivePenny fundraising page. Strava is free to download if you do not have an account already. Information on how you can do this is here through this link

How do I set up my fundraising page?

This challenge is hosted by GivePenny. They enable Leukaemia Care to have the technology to receive the sponsorship payments. Once you’ve filled in the registration form, a page will be created for you where you can collect your sponsorship. You’ll be able to customise it with all your details and then share with everybody you know.

When is Step out for Spot Leukaemia?

The campaign will run throughout September 2021 alongside our Spot Leukaemia Blood Cancer Awareness Month campaign. Not only are we raising money to support patients but we’re also teaching the public about the signs and symptoms of blood cancer.

Do I need Strava to take part?

You can use other fitness apps, but we do recommend linking Strava to your page. If you’re not technically minded, you can log into your page yourself and update your supporters with what distances you have covered.

What are the fundraising goals?

Our challenge is free to sign up to and anybody raising £50 or over will receive a Spot Leukaemia medal.

Why not stretch your target? Every penny raised helps support families who have been impacted by leukaemia.

What about children - can we take part as a family?

To receive a Spot Leukaemia medal for raising £50 or over, you will need individual fundraising pages. While children can’t have a page of their own, they can have a page that is set up by an adult. If you need more information on this, please email

Can I do a challenge in another month - I’m quite busy this September?!

Sure - sign up, edit your challenge dates, and email our team on and we’ll make a note of it.

My dog Thor and I have signed up for a socially distanced walk across the hills to cover our challenge distance with a view. Please join us, have a think what you or friends might be able to do. Will share more as we progress,

Share your ideas and pictures of your adventures and achievements here in the discussion comments thread.



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Hi, Nick.. I won’t be participating, but I’d be happy to share to my (few) followers on social media, and support someone who IS willing to sweat for the cause. I don’t know anyone, and I expect you and Thor must be inundated with sponsors! I’ll figure it out. Good luck! Enjoy your walks.

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HAIRBEAR_UKAdministrator in reply to ChristyAnne_UK

Hi ChristyAnne, yes please share, Thor and I are not inundated with sponsors yet, I have only just managed to complete our fundraising page so seeking sponsors to help us to get the ball rolling - we will update everyone with piccies of our exploits along the way. GivePenny!

Thor in training

Thor looks like he’s enjoying his training. How about you? 🤣

Pledge made. Will share your tweet(s) and get something on Facebook, too.

P.S. Am planning something else of my own for ‘Spot Leukaemia’, to promote the six signs. Will tweet when organised.

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HAIRBEAR_UKAdministrator in reply to ChristyAnne_UK

Thanks ChristyAnne, we are now off to a good start, training walk tomorrow going for 10 miles of hills. Thor will have his frisbee for that! Let us know when you have your FUNraising plan up and running.

I will. Take it easy tomorrow.

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Hi Hairbear, I have signed up for this challenge but I have decided to log my steps myself as I didn't want to subscribe to Strava, I have done this for another challenge and I am very proud of myself that I have produced an Excel spread sheet. I hope this is OK.

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HAIRBEAR_UKAdministrator in reply to 2003UK

Well done, I see the team is growing, that's very organised. I have some catching up to do, I haven't downloaded Strava or one of the other tools yet either. Will have a practise tomorrow. I see that you can manually add in your progress from your give penny challenge dashboard if not using the automated Strava system.👍

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I think you have to pay for Strava after 1 month, see what you think. I don't want to get into that. I can see Thor is doing his weight training in preparation for his challenge.