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Travel insurance - where do you get yours?


Our recent poll has revealed that travel insurance is a hot topic. The best way for patients to access fairly priced travel insurance is to learn from their fellow patients about where they are buying theirs.

Have you bought travel insurance post diagnosis?

Who have you had insurance from? How would you rate the experience?

Have you had to claim on insurance whilst away? Let us know how that was

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Great question Nicole, I totally agree , getting a fair deal and appropriate cover can be a challenge if you are living with a leukaemia. Insurance is a moving target, quotas fill and premiums rise, sharing your own findings with other patients in forums or meetings can others abreast. Too many can be unfairly penalised.

Now I am on the silver side of life. I have been using SAGA for single trip insurance, I recently went to Spain after Chemo treatment, cost me around £30 for appropriate cover , includes disclosure of all existing and past co-morbidities, history and living with CLL. This cost was about the same while on Watch and Wait. Thankfully I have not had to claim yet so can not comment about how they perform if a claim is made. Overall experience of taking up cover with them and document follow up good.

I did find that i got a cheaper quote using a compare site to take out a policy with them rather than going direct.


We have used All Clear medical insurance for a number of years now , and found them very good , especially as they will insure me (carer) when I go away on my own for any cancellation due to his being taken ill .

Able to travel.

I took annual world wide, excluding America, Canada and Caribbean but it cost almost £700 and that was 2 years ago. So unfair as I have had full molecular remission for 17 years from CML. I would like to see Leukaemia Care do some lobbying as this is a hot topic at the moment.

Always a challenge to find insurance with my MPN and the costs are high. I am planning a trip to New Zealand and it looks like that I will have to route avoiding any transfers in the USA.

For my last trip to France, I used Staysure's single trip insurance. They were easy to deal with and provided decent cover, including repatriation, should it have been necessary.

Hi. I went to Portugal last year with my family. First abroad holiday since being diagnosed. I found it very difficult to get insurance. So i just got insurance on my husband and kids and never got any for me. I know it was wrong and very risky but my kids have never been away before. But that shows how ridiculously expensive it is. We didnt ask to get cancer and feel penalised sometimes for having it.

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