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Dr Melody Keller on the LDN Radio Show 11th July 2018


Dr. Keller was raised mostly in the Seattle area and is the oldest of her family, with one sister and one brother. I was homeschooled for much of elementary school up until I went to college my junior and senior year of high school, thanks to a quick start program available through the state. After that I went on to get my undergraduate degree, major in biogolgy with a minor in chemistry. I graduated from Eastern Oregon University in La Grande, OR. I started at Bastyr University for my ND degree the next fall and completed that degree over the course of five years, graduating in 2010.

In 2010 I also got married to a wonderful man I met, and moved to Glendive where I opened my first practice. I shared that office space with the chiropractor there for a little over 3 years before I moved my office to Fairview for 2 years and then relocated to Sidney where we are today.

I work primarily in practice with patients who have chronic diseases and are fatigued, hormones not functioning well and digestive disorders.

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