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Dr Dana Keaton - Ldn experience on Ldn Radio show

Dr. Dana Keaton realized at an early age, the shortcomings and limitations of our modern medical system, so she began her education in medical research vs medical school. She is trained extensively in Acupuncture, neuropathic and oriental medicine.

In this interview she shares a few exciting success stories with the use of LDN. She is bewildered by the reluctance of today's medical doctors to accept LDN as a valuable tool. Many MD's just don't seem to want to learn about or accept any new treatments that were not taught way back in medical school. (Or don't have the time!)

Dr. Keaton accepts and successfully treats many patients who had little or no improvement with their previous conventional medical doctor. It's scary how little they know about most autoimmune conditions! She shares some great dietary habits that can be life changing. I learned much and enjoyed this interview.

By Ken Bruce


Dr Dana Keaton - 19th July

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