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Listen to Dr Paul Anderson sharing his experience as an LDN prescriber on the LDN Radio Show 18th May 2017


Dr. Paul Anderson started 40 years ago working in medical labs and eventually started up his own lab. Bored with this, He sold the business to go back to school and become an MD. He observed that most family practitioners don't have time to delve deeply into the more complicated and difficult illnesses like Cancer and autoimmune diseases. So he studied further to become a Naturopathic Doctor and started up his clinic. He learned about LDN approximately 15 years ago and treats his patients with a synergetic approach. He finds that LDN is his first line of treatment, but it is accompanied by diet, exercise, and life style changes. Vitamins, supplements and herbs are utilized as an important part of treatment. He has extensive knowledge which he openly shares with us. My kind of Doctor!

Review by Ken Bruce

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