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MS Friendly food


Does anyone eat a specific 'ms friendly' diet? I love a choc-chip cookie with my afternoon cuppa BUT it's odd or perhaps not so odd, I feel really weak afterwards and I only eat one biscuit. I make my own sourdough bread every week using a recipe taken from a book 'The MS Recovery Diet' - I love this bread/ BUT after eating it, my muscles weaken. I eat it with Saint Dalfour fruit spread - only sweetened with grape juice concentrate, home-made peanut butter or marmite. I would welcome comments on others' experiences pls and I tend not to worry thinking the LDN has it all under control :-)

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I have to admit, I eat everything but in moderation. I try and eat fresh food, a balanced diet and nothing processed as much as possible. :)

mynameishidden in reply to LDNRT

I do the same, we only buy fresh and never buy processed but I so love the odd biscuit ;-)


Some feel that Gluten may cause inflammation in people with auto-immune diseases. I know a lot of people who have MS do try to stay on Gluten-free diets; also a lot of parents with Autistic children put them on Gluten-free diets. You may want to check it out online... there's a lot of information on it. It's just a thought because your symptoms sound like they start after eating foods with Gluten. Diet is an important part of keeping our inflammation in check. Best wishes.

many thanks for response, I have avoided gluten mostly and only began eating Sourdough bread made with spelt because I found the method and recipe in 'The MS Recovery Diet' by Ann Sawyer, Judith Bachrach and delicious though it is, I think it could be causing a problem.

raledoVolunteer in reply to mynameishidden

Going off gluten for a bit might give you your answer... just be sure to read labels... gluten is in more things than just breads and flour. But the good news is there are more and more gluten free options out there now. So you can still have treats without the gluten. :)

I find diet extremely important. Four years gluten free. I recently cheated and ate two donuts. Slept five hours in the afternoon! There are celiacs in my family. I have ms. Eight months ago I started eating vegan. A lot of info is at my website: muddlingthroughms dot com. I'm still walking (slowly and not far) after 42 years w/ms.

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