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We're making our news feed better

We're working to make our news feed even better and support you to find even more relevant and useful information on HealthUnlocked.

In the next couple of days, some users will be shown additional communities that we think you may like to follow based on your activity on HealthUnlocked.

We will also recommend other users that you may like to connect with.

Only some users will get this additional feature to start with, and we hope to roll this out to all users in the coming months.

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Sorry Maddie but my personal response is that I will hate this! I have enough with my newsfeed including all the communities I am a member of all jumbled in together, without other communities being added. I fear that having too many will mean I miss any important ones.


Hi mrsmummy,

Thanks for your feedback.

The recommendations will be clearly separated from the feed of posts on your news feed to avoid any confusion. This should help to avoid you missing any important posts, however, I will pass this feedback on to the product team to let them know.

Best wishes,




Yet another change without Admins being asked for their opinion prior to rollout :x

I agree with Mrsmummy. My Newsfeed is busy enough as I follow 8 communities. I will consider whether to unfollow some of the communities or to stop using Newsfeed.


Hi Clutter,

Thanks for your feedback. I will also pass this on to the product team.

This is a test to see if this feature helps users to find new communities and gain useful information. We will assess the impact of the feature and only implement it if it proves to be beneficial to the majority of users.

Best wishes,



I have concerns about this given how poorly the 'tags' at the bottom of posts have worked (or not).

I would hate to see completely irrelevant or horribly inappropriate suggestions appearing on our members newsfeeds.


Hi Ben,

Thanks for your feedback, we take all of this onboard.

We are using the best technology to ensure this is less likely to happen but all users will be able to feedback on what they are seeing.

Best wishes,


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I've stopped reporting irrelevant tags because members are completely ignoring them and are not deleting irrelevant tags so AI will not learn from members. I think it will be very frightening for members who find themselves referred to say cancer communities because the AI has got it wrong!


To be honest, I don't see the point! Why are you 'touting for business'??

If we see a member that could benefit from another community, we point them in the right direction anyway! What is this going to be based on? A random word in their profile, or post and how many people will end up offended, or overwhelmed??


Thank you to everyone for their feedback. All community admins can continue to send feedback on the usual support email.

We understand peoples reservations, although recognise this is something users are looking for and we're really excited about the potential for this to open up access to more relevant information and support for them.

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