Kidney Health New Zealand

Welcome one and all

This is the beginning of a new community for kidney patients and those who care for kidney patients. We hope it will bring patients and professionals together in a unique community.

Whether it's early-stage Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Dialysis, Transplant or anything else related to kidney health, feel free to chat away.

Whichever your interest, welcome. Enjoy your stay here. Use the facilities. Make this a real place for sharing information and building community.

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Hello I'm kisses wife and diabetic on insulin. Ckd stage 3. Recently put on aranesp injections for anemia. I get nausea vomiting and pass out and I'm sure this is the side effects to this injection. The last one I took a few days after I was in a&e due to the side effects I've mentioned. My consultant has given me anti sickness meds. But should I be taking this. Injection am reluctant to do the next one .