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What is the last thing that made you happy?

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I look forward for your answers!

I must say, for me, the answer is easy...To finish my daily work out! Today´s been exhausted but hey...WE CAN DO IT!

In the photo, spanish artists Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel enjoying a wine jar on the beach...pure happiness!

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I am happy everyday and grateful to have dogs to care for, duties to accomplish and self-care to work on. No matter where you are you can work on yourself. Finding joy in the little things of nature and focusing on the beauty around brings a smile to my face. I can still meet with individuals virtually and with phone calls. Super thankful for technology.

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You´re SO right, Ikee! I feel identified myself with your words :)

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I've found that seeing my family and friends over video chat has brought me so much joy during this challenging situation. I try to schedule at least 1-2 chats/week, which helps me always have something to look forward to. This crisis has really brought to light what is most important in my life - the people I care for the most. Agree with Ikee - I'm very thankful for technology, and also for my health

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It´s amazing that you reach to be in touch with your loved ones so often, ITTms. Im glad to hear that. And yes, we have to thank technology...OMG, how would have confinement gone without it? That´s a tough thing to think about!

Find motivations songs or affirmations to motivate you

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That's great. I have a go-to radio station like K-LOVE Live and playlists for specific moods.

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I was trying to wear sunscreen more frequently, but now always wear it before leaving. I can read the ingredient label to find a good physical sunscreen. And, I got rid of chapsticks since I respond better to just putting on lotion, sunscreen, and vaseline on my lips. My face has never looked better and my appearance is very professional without needing to wear makeup.

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That´s a great habit! I´m trying to implement in me, too :) Let´s stay connected on it !

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Walk at dawn and watching the colors in the sky change, and watching the sunrise on my way back home every morning make me happy :)

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Lovely! I like that :)