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Covid 19 vaccine


Hi there.

Has anyone had the covid 19 vaccine yet?

My wife is on n-plate injection and has been called for the jab because she works at special need school,just wan wandering if anyone is on the same situation?

Obviously she will ask her hematologist first,but I don't think he will know much on the subject.

Thanks in advance..

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Hello Jon1

The following link may be of some help to you and your wife. It is an assessment of the Covid-19 vaccines by Professor Adrian Newland CBE -

Also the following link is to the ITP Support Association England and Wales Patient Support Meeting - online/Zoom support group which took place last Thursday evening and discussed many ITP issues, especially the Covid-19 vaccines -

Hope this all helps

Best wishes


Jon1 in reply to Anthonyh7

Thank you.We will try and contact the doctors before she goes for it.

Anthonyh7 in reply to Jon1

Yes I think that the best thing for us all to do is talk it through with our specialists first.

We are all different and have different medical histories which only our specialists can really fully consider and understand.

Thank you for the zoom link Anthony, the vaccine infomation was really important to me as I make a decision whether to have it or not.

Pleased that you found the information helpful peggyabrams.

You may also wish to have a look at the following video recording of our recent support group held on Tuesday 23rd Feb.

During the session there was plenty of discussion and update about the Covid-19 vaccine and ITP.

Lots of other interesting chat about other ITP topics too.

The link is at -

Hello Jon1

I am on Nplate and had my first covid jab last Wednesday; discussed with my consultant (who was well read up on the subject) and said to get it done; she arranged a blood test for 3 days prior to vax (platelets 71) and for 7 -14 days after.

I've had no side effects from the vax and will be getting next blood letting next week.

Let us know how your wife gets on.

All best


Jon1 in reply to bruiser2017

Hi bruiser2017.Thanks for your replay and information.

Can I please ask you which vaccine did you get?

I will definitely let everyone know how she gets on with it

Thanks in advance.

bruiser2017 in reply to Jon1

Astra Zeneca.

Jon1 in reply to bruiser2017

Thanks again.

I’ve had both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. I’m on Nplate, azathioprine, Prednisolone and tamoxifen

Thanks SHAZ57,and good luck to you..

My mum has had the Pfizer vaccine platelets 90 the week before vaccine 2 weeks later they are now 145. This is the highest count for 2 years. She is on nplate and mycophenolate. No side effects from the vaccine

Thanks Spring 10.I am glad it worked for your mum.

My wife spoke to one of the nurses on the hemotology clinical.

She told her that lots of people with ITP are taking the vaccine without problems.

But that will depend on the platelets count on the week.

Meaning if it's low you can't have it as the vaccine itself it's meant to suppress the immune system and she may end up bleeding.

At the moment she has a count round 30 and considered safe for the vaccine.

Any way she has been put on standby by her school.

She has an appointment with her hematologist on Friday and let's see what he says.He was meant to get advice from the ITP clinic in Hammersmith London about her case.

I will let you know again about the income.

Thanks everyone

Hi I had my covid jab yesterday, I was on Revolade 50mg. Stopped it now due to hair loss and am going on the injections next week. So far apart from an aching arm no problems.

Sorry Pfizer vaccine.

Hi to everyone. I had the first injection of the Astra Zeneca vaccine yesterday. All is well. My Platelet count is between 5 or 7. I do not take any medication. Only sometimes I take steriods for a short course if I have a few blood blisters in mouth. or have nose bleed. I was a bit nervous about the injection, and side effects due to my low platelet count. I have got to have a follow up in about 12 weeks. So was fine for me.

Hi everyone.My wife had a phone conversation with her hematologist.

He said that the count needs to be above 50 for the vaccine,but he is going to check the guide lines again.( I don't think he even prepared himself for the telephone appointment as the whole conversation lasted 7 minutes ).

She is round 30 at the moment,she asked him if she can get off the n plate as it's not working but he is going to ask for advice at Hammersmith clinic.

So it wasn't a very helpful appointment,which I suppose this is how it's going to be with everything else going on right now.

My Hematologist at MD Anderson Cancer Center told me I need to have 50,000 to get the vaccine.

Article in the Mail today (9th Feb 2021), about people in the U.S. having a drop in their platelets to zero, without having ITP, after having either the Pfizer or Modena vaccine. Some have died, including a doctor. Bit scary.

I had the Pfizer vaccine (with a platelet count of 10) and had no ill effects (apart from a slight soreness when raising that arm the next day). Good luck!

I had the AZ vaccine on Friday. Had the sweats and the chills and a crashing headache on Friday night, into Saturday morning, and spent the rest of Saturday (yesterday) asleep. Feel better today, but still really tired. Headache gone, arm sore and a small bruise.

I have had itp for 27 years platelets 10k to now 70k. I just had 2 surgeries/end result benign last 60-days. No guidance at all in US from any Drs. unimaginable frustrating actually unconscionable experience.

I have uncovered itp study in men Pfizer in UK and several US articles of platelets plummeting. I wonder the blood type of those new itp side effect hopefully small%.

I have found megafood blood builder magnesium vit d folate have kept my platelets stable 70k. I am not affiliated with or profit from recommendation.

I have autoimmune with inflammation so no to moderna maybe to Pfizer and cautiously optimistic about j&j. AstraZeneka not offered.

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