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can platlets increase without treatment in less than 50 hours

Can your platlet count go from 60,000 to 152,000 in less than 50 hours without and treatment.

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Your platelets are changing all the time. I have no treatment and they can range from 23 to 80.

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Yes. Enjoy the boost!


Platelets are strange things. They can go up and down like a fiddler's elbow.


These replies are so heartening and so true Lee. I always imagine my poor old bone marrow churning out newbie platelets and some rogue autoimmune rascal doing its best to set them up to be wiped out. I back my bone marrow every time. ITP arrived in my late twenties. Now 74 I'm glad that I felt I could trust my body, and never had treatment. I feel very lucky.


Yes, it depends on method used to count platelets, the automatic machine and a manual count. In ITP the platelets are of different size and shape, the does not recognize or count all platelets. In the manual count a slide containing a blood sample is examined under a microscope and platelets are counted by a human technician. At one clinic my auto count os 22K became 115K with technician A but 30K with technician B, prefer the auto count due great variability with human technicians. A manual count is time consuming and more expensive but is preferable for initial diagnosis but not for weekly counts. During clinical trials for a Nplate auto counts were used and were the basis for dosing guidelines. Nplate is to be given to maintain a platele count of 50K, if counts were 200K for 2 weeks dose is reduced by 1mcg/kg.

When I started in 2010 I didn’t know the lab was using manual counts for dosing decisions and I to sick to argue with the “almighty God” doctor who didn’t know or cared about dosing guidelines when refused to give me Nplate as my count was 300K ( manual count) the following week my platelets dropped to 9K. Needless to say I demanded auto counts and gave him a copy of dosing guidelines; it took me several weeks to recover my counts.

Were both counts auto or was the 152 thousand a manual count? As I tell my patients, “the more you know about your disease the better the care you’re likely to receive”. Check out site for good information, be well:) kyriak51


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