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Dear Members, We are delighted to announce that we are handing over this comm...

thanks to everyone

For joining these last few days. this is a community in its infancy. We rely on...

Dry live vaccine in India

Has anyone heard of dry live vaccines being trialled in India?
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Good news for once...

Who else read this good news from the end of 2012? India records 57% drop in nu...

we are with every HIV/AIDS PATIENT

Your journey is ours

Breakthrough in dry live vaccine that can be transported and stored in hot countries

This is a real breakthrough. It will no longer be necessary to maintain a 'cold...

is there any ayurvedic/unani/siddha/homeopathy medicines, which have shown any positive result on HIV patients ?

New York Times: thinner syringes may reduce risk of HIV

A study suggests encouraging drug abusers to use thin syringes, which retain les...

What is the 'window period'?

Migration in india and HIV infection - Kounteya Sinha of the Times of India

This is an article form a few days ago/. Kounteya Sinha the healht editor of th...

Is there a test for HIV infection??

Does anyone feel lonely or isolated?

Is there anyone out there who feels lonely or isolated because of HIV AIDS? If ...

Wow! Good progress from team at Stanford University in the US

This is a very positive story about the manufacturing of T cells in the lab that...

Newsflash: Early HIV drugs may 'slow virus down'

This is a very interesting story from BBC health about New England Journal of Me...

Can you have a baby if you are HIV positive. Is it safe for the child?

I've heard lots of things. What is the true situation?

A blog about blogs, for HIV AIDS India

The word ‘blog’ stands for ‘web’ + ‘log’. Essentially, it is a place where y...

Welcome to HIV AIDS India

Welcome! Please make yourself at home! The goal of this community is to prov...

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