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Change in sight and balance



I have posted on here before but my symptoms are getting out of hands. It's been seven months now my sight doesn't seem right and I have bad dizziness. I have seen 3 different opticians, ENT, ophthalmologist, my HIV consultant and GP and there doesn't seem to be a cause. This fuels my anxiety because it starts from the moment I wake up and I get a break only if I close my eyes. I also get nausea. I am now on 20mg fluoxetine, day 11, and still can't notice many benefits, but I am reluctant to think that this can be caused by anxiety only. Has anyone had this? I am on Eviplera but have tried other combinations and I don't think there is enough evidence to suggest it is my HIV Meds anyway. They have told me I can try Stribild but haven't made up my mind about it. Any ideas? Thank you.