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We all talk of nightmares in ICU. I was thinking back to mine, three years ago.

One was "they" were going to put me in the hold of a big ship and pour millions of tons of grain on top of me. In another "they" were going to drop me from an aircraft mid Atlantic. There were other similar ones, always "they" were going to do these things, but I never saw "them", and they never actually did anything in my dreams, I was always waiting for these things to happen. I think it's partly that I felt so helpless in ICU, not even able to breathe for myself.

Did anyone else have these sort of dreams?

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I had one very strange reoccurring dream, I was driving a van down a motorway full of kitchen units going to Basingstoke (a place I've never been) when a bright light would come over top of the van and take control of it, driving at high speed and making strange noises like radio interference and then I would be outside a warehouse to unload the kitchens, I've no idea why?

In another all the remains of first world war soldiers were brought to the hospital I was in, then cremated with the ashes packed into firework rockets and fired off at midnight every night, saying their names over a loud speaker as they were launched, then all the ashes would come down and cover all the cars in the car park.


I sounds as if, in your dreams, things actually seem to happen. You were driven at speed in one, in the other rockets were fired, etc. Both sound very scary, but in my dreams nothing actually happens, I'm just waiting for it, terrified and not able to run away. I've been reading about NDEs but I think ours are just nightmares.


i was placed vertical in the bed in one dream standing over a ledge in the ward, another one i had was walking down a spiral staircase and the kray twins were down their and a load of other violent people and i couldnt go any further because i hadnt payed lol, i thought it must have been some sort of in house entertainment, also i thought i saw family and friends that were not their at all, also counting around the clock, as soon as i got to number six the bed was vertical so i thought to myself ime not going through this again so i counted back to number 12 and everything was back to normal, strange i know but funny all the same, i hope you are ok now


I was dreaming I was in a private hospitol at Brize Norton and being bribed by 2 porters in the hospitol. I also went to Nottingham hospitol in my dreams in the snow even though it was june/july that I was in ICU


I, like everyone else could write a book about the hallucinations but there is just two I will tell ..

I had a business partner who was a taxi driver .. I hallucinated, I think that word is more fitting than a dream, so I am lead to believe

I was sitting in the passenger side of a taxi, in a garage, lovely white leather seats, the car was burgundy, all around the garage were things hung on the wall, the data head from a taxi, that to us is their radio thingy, a medical box, a cd, all the things from a car/taxi. His car was that colour ..

I constantly heard a beeping, obviously the beeps from the machines I was hooked to

I remember thinking John is dead and trying to find my mobile to ring my son and ask him if I was dead too!

Cut a long story short when I came home I asked John to take me to get a new remote for my tv, he wouldn't take any money for the lift so I bought him a cd I knew he would love, Matt munroe, he said thanks, if anything ever happened to me this would be the last cd I would ever want, he was admitted to glen field less than a week later with a heart attack ...

The second was , my father was in a home and had been for over a year when I went into Icu, he had serious dimensia, I visited about once a month, I hallucinated I was on a bus with him out for the day, I asked the driver to drop me at the hospital and dad back at the home, when I arrived in step down half conscious my sons told me the home had been trying to contact me urgently, I said 'oh no they didn't take dad back to the home' of course no one knew my dream etc, eventually I rang the home and they told me that from the day I went into Icu my dad had become uncontrollable, shouting etc for me, they said if he had been used to seeing me every day or every week they could understand, as soon as I rang the home he became calm again ...


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