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Off sedation but not waking up

Hi, im looking for an answers. My mum has been in icu for 2 weeks now and theres been no signs of improvements.. she went into theatre on her 9th day of being on the ventilator to have a trachestomy done however she had a heart attack! On her 11th day of being in icu they took her for the trachestomy which was a success however her heart rate is not stable. Shes been off sedation for 2 days now and is not showing any signs of being awake, she opens her eyes and yawns however does not listen to commands? Does anyone know why and what is wrong? Why is she not awake yet.

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Im sorry to hear about your mum, can i ask what she was admitted with? without knowing that its hard to say why shes not waking up. Are her kidneys working? if not the sedation may not have left her system fully. if you tell me abit more about her diagnosis and admission I can try and answer your questions. Please do talk to her doctors or the nurse looking after her. They are a wealth of knowledge x


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