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i am 63 years now and it has been two years that i was on I.C.U and although they never found out what was really wrong with me they found my lungs were damaged. Spent over a month in i.c.u. It was so hard on a normal ward after and suffered depression. One day laying there Caroline from i.c.u. came in and started to talk to me and the rest is history. it still is hard to understand Why Me but so glad i had the support from I.C.U STEPS. they make so much difference to your life and would like everyone to get the support i received. good health to all x

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Ihope you get well, god bless


I too suffered the adjustment disorder from ICU to a side room in a General Ward two years ago; I felt well and truly 'dumped' and yes, the depression set in - commonplace I now realise. I didn't get the follow up there but the first hospital that transferred me have been amazing in their aftercare when I only spent a day with them and seven weeks at the other hospital. Like you ^ I don't know why I got the rare condition which experts know too little about, why it wasn't picked up in pregnancy and why me? This forum has allowed me to 'talk' in the sleepless and tearful hours since - people here understand like no other.



it would seem the transition from ICU to general ward/room is something that needs to be looked at by the NHS.

I was in ICU for 3 weeks but could stand only one night in what really was a lovely room.The noise and constant

number of people doing their jobs was to much after the tranquility and peace and care given in ICU.

I was fortunate enough to convience my surgeon to allow me home after one night, but i was heavily halucinating!

I hope you are on the road to recovery.Good luck!



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