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4 wks post LAVH using Da vinci

I am 4 weeks post o.o so thought I would give an update. I am still tender but feeling really good!! I have had no bleeding/spotting for about 5 days now. I am still being easy not to over due things. I am finally out of the recliner and sleeping on the couch this week. I want to be in my bed but its a bit uncomfortable still being flat and turning. I did get the okay to drive today as long as I feel okay and don't over due it. Will update again after my 6wk appt.

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Hi, I am 4 weeks post op too. Bleeding is much less now, but still happens. It's usually watery but still looks quite pink and fresh. It makes me nervous sometimes, but it is very light. I am doing quite a bit of walking now, at check up last week I got the all clear to walk as it can do no harm. However I can still get quite crampy, and I don't know if my bladder and bowel will ever be quite the same. I get crampy sensations when I go to the loo. Sometimes it feels like period pains!!1 I didn't bargain for that, with no uterus!!

I had keyhole surgery which makes recovery quicker.

Anyway, I only have one more week off work, so I will have to be back in action after next week!

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I still have cramping too, that's the main thing I deal with now. My surgeon said bleeding/spotting was normal and to be expected for 6-8wks. Only worry if it's bright red and fills a pad within an hour. I had the same light pink bleeding for almost 2 weeks, thankfully I have been spot free for about 5 days or so. I am so looking forward to getting a job once I finish school. I spent enough time in pain before surgery! If your bleeding gets worse or heavier call your doctor!

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