Hi everyone, i'm new here & 22 days since TABH

hi everyone, i have just joined this site and need some advice or follow ups from other people please. Im 47 and had a TABH (left one ovary too cover me) 14th August 2017. so im day 22 today. ARGHHHH i honestly feel its the worst thing i have ever had done to me....or am i just being a drama queen? When will i ever start too feel like me again? luckily i work from home, so today i am back in the office because there is only so much TV, books & playing on phone i can do. i have started light cleaning but no hoovering or lifting the laundry basket etc. Started cooking last tuesday to our sons delight...Dads food consisted of tinned everything lol....he even bought me a tin of macaroni cheese YUCK!!! (its still in the cupboard waiting to be transferred to the bin!) Pain has been minimal thank goodness But im still unable to properly stand up straight. I did however buy a support belt from the hysterectomy association site and this does help. I just want to be back to normal....I want to clean....i want too drive....Yep im really impatient.

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  • Ah I understand it's so hard to be patient!

    I had a laproscopic total hysterectomy on 25 July along with endometriosis excision. I had a chocolate cyst on left ovary and adeno. Everything was stuck together with endo.

    Be careful you don't do too much too soon or you will set back your recovery. It's a major operation so be gentle with yourself.

    Cleaning can wait, they will only mess it up again!

    I agree that tv, phone books etc get boring after a while, I started back at work today on a phased return over the next 6 weeks as I work from home a lot.

    Hope you feel better and here anytime you want to chat. Big hugs xxx

  • Thank you so much Judan for your reply....i have had 2 laprotomy's due to endometriosis and ectopics along with several key hole and around 9 laproscopy surgerys....i honestly thought this surgery would be just like them....duh me how wrong...i think i just feel guilty on my hubby and son....although this is a massive learning curve for them lol! Xxxx big hugs xxx

  • It's hard for husbands to really understand what we go through, they don't know what a normal period feels like, let alone endo ones! Mine won't look at my photos from the surgeon.

    I thought the same, that a hyster would be a little bit worse than a lap, but my Dr told me just how extensive my surgery was going to be and I should expect 8 to 12 weeks recovery from the op and up to a year to feel fully recovered.

    Are you on or going to take HRT? Xx

  • Hi Judan...luckily they have left an ovary in...its not a good one but gynae said it will cover me due to being able to go on HRT ( mum had breast cancer twice) although i am now suffering Niagara fall flushes! Roll on the next 2 mths...cant wait to normalise. Really hope you are feeling better....i know when i had my endo op...i felt so much better and my fibroids didnt grow back at all....just my periods were constant for the last 4 to 5 years with only a few days reprieve. Now thats definately one thing i am happy about...no more supermarket granny pants! Xxxx

  • Ha ha I still have mine as still bloated and sadly they are comfy. Along with leggings. No periods are the best thing, mine poured out with clots. And no pain (apart from gas and odd bowel pain).

    I know the feeling with hot flushes, I get them back to back but arms and legs are cold. Same during the night, but at least I'm not drenched in sweat. Leaves me with headaches.

    I have my prescription for GP for my HRT, I'm 47 too and was nowhere near menopause so need it.

    I had fibroids too, large one near cervix and 2 small ones. Bowel is on its way to being normal now it's not glued down but will take a few months yet.

  • Have to admit....ive transferred to supermarket granny shorts ....yep extremely comfy along with support belt and leggings....an apparition of beauty lol.

    I was pre-menopausal...so have sincere sympathy for your flushes....hopefully HRT will sort that out for you.

    Ouch on your fibroids and bowel...sounds like you have really been through the mill. Xxxxx

  • Coming out the other side now, feel so much better already. Aiming to be granny pant free by Christmas! Xxx

  • how are you feeling today? xxx

  • Went to the dr yesterday and he thinks i have an infection on ovary which was left....im like arghhhh im not going back in...so am on anti biotics for a week. Get results on tuesday. Other than than that am feeling slightly better thank you. Hoe are you feeling? Xxx

  • Well hopefully that will get to work quickly for you.

    I'm not too bad, but of a setback with bowel pain where it was shaved and been an emotional week, and not sleeping well. Other than that ok thanks xxx

  • Oh bless...sounds painful. Its ok to be emotional hunny...its such a debilitating operation that comes with emotions because as women we are not used to doing nothing even with our horrible period pains we still managed our working/house chores. Try sleeping with a pile of pillows behind you and a pillow under your legs or a thick pillow at the bottom of your bed where your feet can rest against allowing your knees to slightly bend. This is what i had to do due too not sleeping and a good night sleep makes me feel better the next day ...sending hugs xxx

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