Hot bath was definitely needed today

9 days post op from a full Hysterectomy

Having more bad days now tho. These past few days had a lot of dragging pain deep inside my stomach. When i go the loo it also feels like its all swollen inside. I've started bleeding now too. Only a little but still is this normal?

I know i shouldn't but i went to a airshow today and all day i had the feel of dragging pain and sciatica. Also couldn't for the love of me keep warm.

Soon as i got home i had a hot bath and felt great again. The pains ive been getting tho are keeping me awake at night. Horrible pressure pains too as tho everything is gonna fall out. Anyone else have this feeling after there op x

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  • Hi, I am 3 weeks today post op and I have the same feeling down below that feels like there is something falling out but after reading others stories this seems normal. I have pain and tightness in tummy when I need loo but am not constipated (other way if anything) I have been told this is basically the bruising from the op and it should pass. Take things slowly and rest when you need to. Take care xx

  • Oh Sarah I feel your pain.... hot baths work wonders. I've just been physically burning myself out and I need to stop. Going to a party next Sat have to go too as it's my brothers reception.

    But will definitly be the one sitting down all night. I changed all the bedding in the house today and after feeling good when I woke up I was sore again. I won't learn at all.

    Hope your well hun x

  • Take it easy as changing the beds is quite demanding at this stage for you. Best thing for the party is to get plenty of rest before and after it and to take it easy while you at the party. Try not to overdo things. I know it's easier said than done as I getting bored and think of things I could be doing round the house but then stop myself as I know it will set back my healing.

    Take care and rest up as still very early days xx

  • Aww u poor thing just try and take things easy hopefully Ul start to feel better soon xx

  • Hi Nicola hope your well.

    I feel mentally fine so am just gonna have to start chilling x

  • Was at hospital on Thursday Hun had a a scan and endometrial cells burnt away to wait on another appointment coming from gynaecology

  • Hope your feeling a little better now then..... when will all this ever and ey.

    Another nurse

    Another appointment

    Another test.

    It's just one big emotional rollcoaster x

    Hoping you won't be waiting to long for your next appointment x

  • Will be a doctor I'm seeing yeah I hope not hope it no the useless one I seen first time he was a waste of time like xx

  • Morning Broderskim39

    Yes, I was/am the same. You are doing really well to be out and about 😊 I had a night out on day 15 and I spent the best part of two days lying down after due to tiredness. I am slowly improving, but if I do too much I get swollen and sore in my abdomen. It's just part of the healing. Don't skimp on the painkillers as they are anti inflammatory. Paracetamol are very safe.

    With regards to bleeding, I stopped and then started again so I think it's normal.

    Also week 3 was tough after feeling better in week 2, but it could have been after my night out!

    It's hard right now when we want to be fit and well but it's very early days yet. Take care and very best wishes 😊

  • Finding it very hard hun mentally feel fine. Even driving as i am the worst passenger lol

    I need to chill.

    I have a party to go to Saturday but will try and take it easy. Hope your well. X

  • It's hard to accept that you need to rest πŸ˜• But it really is the only way to heal.

    I listen to music or download short stories or podcasts on my phone whilst I'm lying in bed 😊 If you can rest couple of hours twice a day in a couple of weeks you will really feel the benefit 😊

    Take care xx

  • Hi Hun it's normal. You maybe doing to much. I was exactly the same except the bleeding as I never bled at all. Although even at six weeks I was told I would at some point , I never did. Take things a bit easier Hun. I know it's hard , but you need to remember your body has been through a hell of a lot. It needs to heal inside and that means rest.

    Take care Hun.

  • Thanks hun.

    I must admit I've not had much after care advice so was very worried.

    Definitely need to rest more so hard to just relax when I am mentally fit.

    Hope your well... how have you been x

  • It's hard isn't it? Especially if you're used to being quiet active. I'm ok think I've decided who I want to see for a second opinion,so that's good.

    Have you joined Linda's new Facebook group yet?

  • Extremly lol

    I haven't joined No coz I've forgotten my password on Facebook but will find a way x

    She's fab x

  • Hi Jean, glad you getting your second opinion sorted 😊

    What's this new Facebook group called please?

    Take care xx

  • Hi Hun. It's endo revisited. I'm also an admin on there. Hope you're ok.

  • Thanks Jean, have sent request to join.

    Feeling ok thanks, taking recovery slowly, 3.5 weeks post TLH and BSO to remove everything and unblock both Fallopian tubes, extensive adhesiolysis as there was extensive adhesions which covered uterus so much that it couldn't be seen when first went in and adhesions also obliterated my pouch of Douglas. Pathology came back saying adenomyosis had been found but nothing mentioned earlier about any endo so hopefully none there. See my surgeon at end of month so will ask him everything then. Xx

  • Jean can you send me the link x

  • Hi hun not sure how to do that but if you go to Lindle's profile there are two posts with link in them.

    When I try and copy it it copies health unlocked .

  • Oh yes some that one the other day just waiting to be excepted to the Facebook group x

  • My after care advice very minimal too, but have spoken to others, also couple of nurses I know 😊 If you feel pain, or swelling, or increased bleeding it's a sign you need more rest πŸ˜• Walking gently for about 10 minutes and very light housework ie folding laundry is all you should be doing 😊

  • Thanks hun and I know I need to listen to my body more...


  • Did you say you had been changing beds? That's quite demanding physically no wonder you were sore and tired πŸ˜•

    You also having trouble sleeping? πŸ˜•

  • Am murder Anna I have a supportive partner but as soon as his backs turned... lesson learnt tho.

    Gonna fully rest today.

    Been waking up silly o'clock and not been able to go back sleep.

    When I feel the pressure I go the loo and feel a thousand like knives go in me

    It's hard to explain but it's not in a way I have a infection more swollen and a little sore below my stomach.

    Hot water bottle has worked nice tho so I've gone back to bed x you ok? X

  • Yes, just often wake early 😊 Trust me, if you do too much you will know. Resting does pay off long term although it is very frustrating!!I'm 3 1/2 weeks, feeling stronger every day 😊 Really turned a corner. You will be here in two short weeks. If you over do it now you could cause problems internally and that will set you back weeks, please be careful Hun xx

  • I will hun xx

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