Mra vs mri, be sure to have the right testing done or your results may not warrant your needs, they are not the same thing

MRA examine arterial vessels and flow whereas MRI look more at structures such as bones and organs.

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  • Worth checking into

  • I’ve had both and although my mri was clear my MRA showed something very unusual. I have a missing right anterior cerebral artery.

    My left artery does all the work for the whole brain, I was born with this anomaly Drs say.


  • Drs have just said what I stated - the left side does all the work. What they can’t agree on is whether it affects my APS.

    However a recent pet scan of my brain is abnormal and I’m still waiting for more information about this so watch this space x

  • Fascinating, at least they found something when doing the scan...MaryF

  • Apologies, you did say that, my bad, cindy

  • Will do yllek!

  • My MRA showed gray matter heterotopia which had not been spotted on previous scans. Although I had previously had some EEG's which were abnormal, subsequent extensive and more in-depth tests showed I was not suffering from epilepsy and indeed genetic testing also carried out confirmed this.

    MRA's can indeed be useful, but also can show up anomalies that can cause worry and be completely harmless!

  • Hi APsnotFab,

    Good, so now you know you are not suffering from epilepsy!

    Best wishes from me.


  • I’m now being investigated for tempo lobe epilepsy. X