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Raynaud's at bedtime, malar flush on waking? Why?

Currently, I'm going to bed with Raynaud's. My hands look grey, bordering on blue. But when I wake in the morning, my hands are OK but my cheeks are flushed in a malar pattern.

Is this common? And what's the explanation?

I have Hughes and SS but have not been diagnosed with Lupus (tho I wonder if it's brewing).

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There could be a basic explanation for what you describe. For instance are you sitting about more in the evenings so that your circulation is not as good. If you are more prone to raynaulds phenomenon then this may explain why your hands are experiencing this.

As for the redness in your cheeks, one possibility could be the general rise in temperature at the moment which means you are warmer. Could your pillow be causing this or the way you are sleeping. Try putting a fan near your bed and see if it makes any difference. If its nothing to do with temperature try actually taking your temperature and see if you have a low grade fever.


Hi there, hope you manage to solve your puzzle, it may be that you are warming up in bed, and do check out whether you have changed any fabric conditioner or washing powder of late, and perhaps get a blood test when next at the rheumatologist.. as my systemic lupus has only just decided to show up in a test! Despite clearly having it for years. Mary F x


MaryF, that's so interesting you've finally been diagnosed with SLE. That's good - in our weird way of thinking! I'd lay odds that's what'll happen to me one of these ol' years too.

Meanwhile, still not sure what's going on with the hands/cheeks, tho I strongly suspect somethng chemical/organic rather than environmental/behavioural. Even when I'm sitting 'still' at night watching telly, I'm nearly always knitting, so hands are constantly moving. Who knows? Another mystery to add to the list.

Lots of investigations coming up over next couple of months so maybe answers will emerge. Maybe!


Remember it is well established and excepted that Lupus can be seronegative, so if you can tick all the right boxes...........


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