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ever since getting back from A&E the other week where they put my dizzyness down to dehydration ( I am not convinced) I have had like a tingling or twitching sensation in my legs and severall times a day I feel like I am going to faint but its like I,m going then I,m back in about a second, anyone else experienced this at all? am not getting anything done and am supposed to be going away on Saturday,worried that I am not really well enough to travel :(

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Donna if you are really worried about this you must at least speak or go and see your GP. You don't want to ruin your holiday do you? In the meantime drink plenty of water so at least you can tell the GP you are not dehydrated. It may be just a simple case of changing or giving you a new medication. Now isnt that better than sitting there worrying about it....which WILL make you feel worse? lol :-) xx


thanks, you are right of course but my own Dr knows nothing about APS, she wrote on my DLA form that I tested positive for lupus but now negative, she was reffering to the test with the confusing name for APS,and its not possible to see her for three weeks, could ask for emergency appt but will see one of the others and pot luck who you see, last time I did that I got a dr who said best not go for any more tests as they are time consuming, best just to learn to manage condition,she also agreed with the specialist at lupus unit who says I dont have APS although Dr D,cruz has twice said I do. have booked the three week appt as although she is not very knowledgable on APS she is at least understanding and quite lovely, so I am going to ask her if I can go back to see Dr D,cruz,none of this though will happen in any hurry, I will drink lots of water though as it will do me good as well as being able to insist that dehyration not the answer


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