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I need some help!

Hi. I have stumbled accross this page whilst trying to find some Information or guidance. A few years ago, I had a big puss filled lump come up in my right armpit. I ended up having it drained. It kept refilling and bursting but eventually it cleared. For the past 5 years, I have gotten boil type lumps in my groin that are very painfull and again burst but when I saw the gp he told me it was chafing however, i have been left with scats fromantic some of the bigger ones. Two days ago after getting into the shower, I noticed my left armpit felt a little sore and was itchy. Today I have at least 7 lumps on that side and 4 on the other side. They are all red and warm to touch. There is no puss but they are incredibly painful. I cannot lift my arms higher than my shudders without getting shooting pains in both armpits! I have health anxiety relating to cancer and everything I try to look online what this might be, it just keeps telling me it could be cancer of the lymph glands so I now terrified. I cannot get to the doctors for a few days. Could anyone please offer any advice as to what this might be?

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It sound like it could be hidradenitis suppurativa x


Hi I agree with lauradd. I think it's hidradenitis. Some of us have it on armpits, groin, anal, back areas. I advise you for the time being to apply alcohol swaps and leave them on. You have to tape them. This method will reduce the lumps and the swellings. There is no puss at the beginning because it's the start of a flare up. It always startseems like that. I've been suffering for the past 10 years and I know now the symptoms and how to deal immediately with it. The swapsame need to be constantly wet with alcohol and keep doing it non stop you will see a difference. Your doctor needs to give you antibiotics and also insist to be referred to a dermatologist specialised in HS. I'm on stage 3 of the disease and I am on adalimumab injections. This is the last resort really. They will try you on different things before. You also need to take something for your stress because that just makes it worse. Hope this helps.



This sounds a lot like HS skin condition I have suffered 10years+ with this condition, I went 3 years undiagnosed due to GPS not knowing much about it ask to be referred to a dermatologist they will diagnose you more then a GPS can. Hope this helps


HiFrodo11 Check out Dr. Jennifer Daniels report on turpentine and it's properties for eliminating infections. Google her and there is an array of health information given free....it's amazing. I had HS for better than 40 years....painful and sore lumps, filled with pus, they would burst and start again in a few days. They plagued my body....all over my buttock, groin, armpits, under breast etc.......using turpentine as suggested, cleared me within a week....... .support@vitalitycapsules.com or Videos or search for Dr Jennifer Daniels turpentine discovery. Be Blessed


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