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I have not been diagnosed yet but please could you tell me if this sounds like Hidradenitis?

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I am 24yrs old and suffer with a underactive thyroid and polycystic ovaries. For a few years on and off I have been getting small painful lumps just around the groin, inside leg and bum area I have not had it consistent they just seem to come and go I thought these might be due to chaffing. I recently had a bad viral infection and noticed a lump under my armpit I left it a few days and it turned into loads of painful lumps under both arms so I went to the GP who gave me antibiotics and has since cleared up although there is still one tiny lump under my arm. The GP said that this may have been a result of Hidradentis, since then I have not been back as the painful lumps have cleared this was about a month ago but now again I have got a few lumps around the groin area. I was wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms to me as they come and go on there own and sometimes I do not have anything there sometime they are painful but sometimes not it depends on the area and I don't think I have any scar tissue and they have never pussed.

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It does sound a bit like HS but the boil like lumps normally do pus but you could be at the early stages of HS, I went 3 years undiagnosed with doctors sending me away with antibiotics saying it was blocked pores, I would ask your doctor for a referral to a dermatologist they will be able to tell you if you have HS plus if you catch it early enough hopefully they can treat you

Definitely asked to be referred to a dermatologist, you may even need to see a couple to get diagnosed. I have been suffering for probably around 8 years and have finally been diagnosed and am having surgery next week to remove some of the boils which refill.

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Hi I agree with both the other replies. It is hopeless trying to self diagnose so you need a referral to a dermatologist. Make it asap as if it this HS the sooner you are diagnosed the sooner you can start treatment for it. The longer you leave it the less effective are the options.

I had it for around 8 years before diagnosis. My doctors never mentioned it and it was only because I have a friend with it that I asked for a referral. x

Thank you I will get myself back down the doctors and get some answers :)

It sounds like it may be HS, but see your dermatologist to be properly diagnosed.

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