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LDI to Heal the Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

LDI to Heal the Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

From childhood to the late adolescence stage, humans suffer from many diseases. Most of the diseases we experience, come with the external symptoms of fever and flu. The fever is nothing but an exothermic reaction of body. It happens when something foreign, recognized as non-self by the biological system, has entered in our system, and when the defense mechanism we are born with, recognizes these non-self particles and takes action to remove the foreign peptides and pathogen.

Inflammation may result in Chronic disease:

Our own defense mechanism is nothing but the immune system. When it becomes active due to the entry of some foreign pathogens and peptides in our biological system, it results in not only fever, but also inflammation. It is reported many times that the immune cell mediated inflammation results in chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are nothing but the long lasting diseases with no cure. If they are neglected, they can turn into severe cases, so they need to be controlled as soon as possible.

Examples of such diseases are chronic Lyme disease and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders).

Lyme disease:

Lyme rashes are found on skin after a bite of tick. The rash on skin persists for a long time, from a few days to several weeks, and it has a typical pattern of bulls eye shape. The center is clear, which is surrounded by a red circle for most cases. Diameter of the circle is found increasing with time. With time, the red rashes become faded, but if neglected, then this red rash may turn into vital issues at the later stage.

A bite of an infected tick can infect you with Lyme spirochetes. Spirochetes are a type of bacteria with axial filament, and can hide in your body. If a Lyme rash is not properly diagnosed and not treated as early as possible, then it may cause serious issues in nervous system, G.I system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system and in many more after months and years.


Autism Spectrum Disorders is a neurological disorder, but is chronic because it is an incurable disease. Incurable because autism comes with strong genetic issues, though many other clinical parameters have also been discovered to influence this genetic neuropsychiatric disorder. Like Lyme rash, autistic disorders can't also be neglected, to avoid the severe conditions at the later age. Autism is turning into a special issue in the U.S as according to 2010 CDC data report, 1 out of 68 children is found with the disabilities, whereas in 2008 the ratio was 1 out of 88.

LDI for both Lyme disease and ASD:

These two diseases are somehow related to each other if we consider the parameters of

1. Immune defence system


2. Neurological symptoms

Lyme rash can't be diagnosed at the very early stage because no antibodies are generated at very primary stage to diagnose it from patients' serum. Low Dose Immune-therapy (LDI) can be very effective for this type of inflammatory chronic diseases. The implementation of LDI technique with short training can be beneficial for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases like Lyme rash and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders).

Here a question may arise, how can we relate the genetic ASD with inflammatory disease?

Yes, we can, because as per the above discussion, many clinical parameters have been discovered by the researchers for autism. Besides genetic issues, fetal brain attacking antibodies in the mothers' womb have also been found to cause this neurological impairment in the offspring.


Dr. Vincent [http://www.medmaps.org/spring-2015-speakers/] has lectured many times on the topic of Low Dose Immune-therapy (LDI), and he has been treating patients and educating the practitioners about this technique.

MAPS SPRING 2015 EDUCATIONAL FORUM [http://www.medmaps.org/conference/] from March 12-14, 2015, can be a platform [http://goo.gl/4FjWbk] to make the clinicians and practitioners know about the LDI technique in detail. Not only that, but the CME Training with different lectures on how to treat neuro-developmental disorders, is a great chance for the clinicians to treat their patients with innovative techniques and therapies.