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HIV since 1983 converted to AIDS 1991 and still here.


Hey guys, I just joined the group today although I have been a part of the "family" for 33 years. I have been reading some of your posts and have felt overwhelmed with your struggles which echo my own in so many ways. Thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences. After surviving the past 33 years with HIV I have lots of stories to share myself. I guess the one most important piece of advice I can give to others who haven't had as many years to adapt would be Take Your Meds. This is vital because we, meaning everyone with HIV, have within our power the ability to eradicate this disease. If you can keep your viral load at non-detectable levels there is NO chance of passing this disease to anyone else. That's powerful because the virus will die with us if we are adamant with our medication adherence. I am blessed to have survived all these years and still be as healthy as I am at the age of 50 as is evidenced in my photo taken just last week on a ski trip to Colorado. During some of those 33 years I worked for an AIDS agency which also helped me survive because seeing the struggles of others who were co-infected, meaning they were HIV+ and also carried another STD, encouraged me to protect myself better and live healthier. Remember take your meds and love yourself because you are important and you have a role to play in ending this disease.

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Thanks ever so much for sharing the above with us. it touches my heart - It's the first time I cry with a smile. mixed feeling but nice whilst reading your comment.

Thanks for that. In 1982 one of my neighbors was the first AIDS death on Ohio and I have been I feted since 1991; all detailed in my post " Go on Living, I Guess". I went a very long time without insurance and therefore treatment, as a result of which I spent most of that time expecting to be dead by now. Although things are better on medical and mental health fronts, I find myself without the infrastructure for living a quality life at 52 years of age. I know there must be others out there in this same predicament, so I would like to find or start a group for those who are in a similar situation. Any resources  (books, websites, groups, mentors, etc...) or advice you may have would be most appreciated.

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