After eight years of dawdling on whether or not to seek treatment or at least know what it’s all about I made my decision and asked our family doctor for help. My first appointment was with an internal medicine doctor. The appointment date was set for April 04th, my dad’s birthday. My dad had passed away only a year ago in June. To begin my journey for treatment on my dad’s birthdate gave me a feeling of comfort. I felt this was a remarkable coincidence and that my dad would be with me in spirit. My next appointment was at the hospital for a liver biopsy. The result was positive that I have some liver damage. I was given a requisition for blood work and then everything seemed to come to a stop. I had phoned the doctor’s office several times and the last comment I got was if they find anything wrong, they will get back to me. I tried to explain that I already know there is definitely something wrong and I want to know where we go from here. The secretary was not willing to give me any more explanation and all I could do was wait.

That summer, my husband Alton and I had kept busy with painting our house and other summer chores of lawn mowing and caring for the garden. By late September the summer chores were almost finished, we had two family weddings to attend, one in New Glasgow, the other in Ontario. With Alton’s family in Ontario we expected to stay for two weeks and enjoy our vacation.

Before leaving for Ontario I had another appointment with my family doctor. I explained how everything had come to a stop and I asked for another referral. This time I will be seeing the liver specialist at the VG Hospital in Halifax.


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Hi Lucile: Just wondering if you had treatment. I can't find any other posts from you. I am starting treatment on October 4th and would love to talk to someone who has been treated or is being treated now. If you don't wish to do this, that is fine, I understand. Thanks and hope to read more of your blogs. Believer.


right back at you believer: Yes I have been through treatment and I plan to put more blogs but for now I have started at the beginning and in the next two or so blogs I will begin treatment.

I do wish you all the best with your treatment and I can tell you are already taking a step in the right direction. Believe, is a great name you have picked. I expect it is because you believe you will get through treatment and with that kind of attitude you stand a great chance. My thoughts and prayers will be with you as well. :)

ttys, Lucile