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Anyone with hep c who is thinking of starting a hep c cure. I think this is important to you all.

Yhi I hope this will b read as it could save lives. I have had hep c for 20yrs, no idea how. However I have been with a very good specialist & his team of nurses are lovely. I did have a course of ribavrin & interferon, all seemed well but it didn't cure it. A few yrs down the line we tried again with just an extra ribavrin, that wasn't a good idea as I had to stop it early as I was anemic & kept having the riggers. This is shivering & shaking. I then was told of new trial drugs with ribavrin, sovaldi & daklinza. I believe this is what cured Pamela Anderson. My specalist wanted me to have a ct scan before starting, unfortunately I have a needle phobia & the last time I had one done with contrast (which is dye) the woman came out & punched the needle into my arm so I was scared. After the course had finished it was found it hadn't worked. Things were wrong & if it hadn't been for the hep c nurse who I can't speak highly enough of I wouldn't have had the ct at all. She took time to come with me to the scan I wouldn't have had it done without her. It turns out that I have aggressive liver cancer inside & out. Which I am told is 7-10 mths left as nothing can b done now. I since read that 3 people in Spain have already had the cancer & r already dead, do your homework before you jump on as I did. Good luck everyone out there. By the way the pip have given me no points despite being riddled with arthritis & a few more probs & now this, they don't give a dam that I can't pay my bills & am stressed beyond reason cause of them. You would have thought it would b a priority but they still saving money while people are dying. Lowest of the low gov they know we prob leave the eu which means they have actually do some work so they need more cash. I vaguely recall when councillors had there petrol & phone money & a little for other expenses. Now they fat cats while we go without. Doubt this will put the world to rights but PLEASE take note on the hep c part & good luck to u all. Regards j phillips