Hep B Booster

I visited Thailand 2005 i had had a Haircut there and noticed a razor had been used at the time for the

Hair at the Back on my neck i didn't get the chance to stop the hairdresser and i noticed a cut on my neck so when i returned back to the UK took a Hep test which was negative and was advised by a Nurse to

Have 3 Hep B injections in 2006 .I have visited my Travel clinic today as i am travelling soon to Thailand

and was told that i need a booster as the Hep B Jab only last for 5 yrs which confused me as many sites online explain it can last 15-20yrs or even more.

I would be grateful for any advice please


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  • I work in care and the recommended time for us is every 3 years I live in the uk never heard of 15-20 years

  • Hi Advice1!

    We say that the Hep B shots will protect you until further notice from your doctor. It all depends on the indiividual, some may be good for 15 years and some may need to get a booster. Dr's may recommend getting a booster to be on the safe side especially when you are doing a lot of travelling. If you are in the military, they have to get the Hep B vaccination every 5 years. It's always better safe then sorry!

    Hope this helps!


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