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Hep B Booster

I visited Thailand 2005 i had had a Haircut there and noticed a razor had been used at the time for the

Hair at the Back on my neck i didn't get the chance to stop the hairdresser and i noticed a cut on my neck so when i returned back to the UK took a Hep test which was negative and was advised by a Nurse to

Have 3 Hep B injections in 2006 .I have visited my Travel clinic today as i am travelling soon to Thailand

and was told that i need a booster as the Hep B Jab only last for 5 yrs which confused me as many sites online explain it can last 15-20yrs or even more.

I would be grateful for any advice please


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I work in care and the recommended time for us is every 3 years I live in the uk never heard of 15-20 years


Tara, forget the dumb recommends and get yourself HBV Immunity blood tested to be sure the people wanting boosters every 3 years are the companies charging huge sums for them and just 10% of staff who are poor responders to the vaccinations. We have overseen some 500,000 UK vaccinations so far and teach HBV vaccination to GP's, Prisons and most large organisations, If you are in UK we can supply a test to you anywhere by mail, or in London perform the test by sending out a qualified staffer. What care and what org is doing your HBV vaccinations and I can check if we are advising them. Paul hepb.org.uk


Hi Advice1!

We say that the Hep B shots will protect you until further notice from your doctor. It all depends on the indiividual, some may be good for 15 years and some may need to get a booster. Dr's may recommend getting a booster to be on the safe side especially when you are doing a lot of travelling. If you are in the military, they have to get the Hep B vaccination every 5 years. It's always better safe then sorry!

Hope this helps!



Dear Hep NS

We would like to team up with you as we are also a major org caring for a nations HBV patients see hepb.org.uk


The hbv vaccination is generally seen as a 10 year protection, however after overseeing some 500,000 of them in the UK, we are very aware 15% of people respond poorly and 30% of people get 20 to lifetime levels. The injections can be voided by alcohol and antibiotics during the 6 months many people take to complete them. SO................

Do a Hepatitis B Immunity blood test to discover your actual level of immunity

0 to 10 anti HBs needs a repeat course of 3 shots

10 to 100 anti HBs needs a booster

100 to 1000 needs nothing at all for 5 years.

In many nations they have gone for the rather stupid idea that a time can be put on these boosters but this is actually plain dangerous as 15% will think thay are immune when they are not and 30% will be having injections they do not need. In Thailand the bulk of infections are from tattoos and dental care over the last 7 years of reports. Bar girls tend to all be vaccinated now