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Preparing for Hepatitis C Treatment: Part 1by Alan Franciscus

This first of a two-part series, originally appeared in the HCV Advocate; it presents an overview of how to prepare for hepatitis C treatment.

Alan FranciscusTreatment of hepatitis C has made great advances from the early days. Back when interferon was first approved, the cure rates were about 10%. The list of just the most common side effects could take up an entire page. Now, we have medications that can cure 90 to 100% of patients who undergo therapy. Even better, the side effects of the newer treatments are much easier to tolerate. This article will discuss what it takes to prepare for treatment.

Support and Resources

Start by gathering resources. Trusted resources such as your medical provider, a support group, and a reliable internet site are safe places to start. An important issue for people thinking about treatment is to learn as much as possible about treatment. Talk to others who have been on treatment—they are some of the best experts. Facebook is another resource where you can learn about treatment and receive support. There are various Facebook accounts for the brand name drugs—HARVONI and VIEKIRA PAK—that provide a wealth of information about what people are experiencing while on treatment. A caveat: Sometimes the sickest patients may use these sites more than those who feel well, and may have more side effects and complaints.

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