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Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Can Cause Itchy Skin and Rash

According to the Center for the Biology of Chronic Diseases (CBCD), Hepatitis B (HBV) can cause extremely itchy skin and a rash. These symptoms may occur “when the liver is inflamed from battling a hepatitis virus. Experts believe that skin itching in people with hepatitis is due to the accumulation of toxins (such as bilirubin) that are not effectively processed or filtered by a damaged liver.” (1) Moreover, chronic HBV can lead to “small spiderlike blood vessels visible in the skin (and) redness of the palms.” (2) These skin symptoms are outward signs of infection, although most people don’t show signs of infection at all. “Chronic hepatitis B tends to worsen, sometimes rapidly but sometimes over a period of years, leading to cirrhosis. Chronic hepatitis B also increases the risk of liver cancer.” (2) - (PRUnderground, 2014)

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I thought those symptoms were those of a failing liver rather than specific to HBV?