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Cancer and HEP C

Hi I am new to this site , I have luekemia and was about to start chemotherapy until a blood test showed antibodies to hepatitis C they now have to check that the virus has cleared before any chemo, I didn't even know I had it as symptoms (tiredness night sweats nausea , cramps ) are same as luekemia ! Can you ever get rid of HEP C ? What to do about checking for liver damage etc , thanks for any tips

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Hi Gonzo,

I've had hep c 35 years

Does your consultant suggest treatment to clear hep c before the chemo?

The usual testing process in UK is to have the viral load test done,

than fibroscan to see if any scarring of liver, then ultrasound test to check the

general condition of your liver

You will also test to determine your genotype...whether 1a,b,etc.

There is Harvoni treatment now with high success rate

Treatments for leukaemia also have excellent results

Wish you all success in your complete recovery.

Ps Stay off alcohol,fried foods,red meat,reservatrol containing foods ie grape juice,lots of berries.


thanks for info !! only found out friday evening. seeing my macmillan nurse monday . x

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Very welcome ,

Always pleased to hear from you Gonzo


Hi Gonzo ( I'm from USA)

Sorry to here that, that's one thing I don't have. All I know is what I'm reading and seam's hopeful. I've got a lot of the same questions. Some tests I've read are Cat Scan, Liver Biopsy and a bunch of blood work. Yea don't know to much but in a lot of pain from the RA (Lupus?), OA and dissolving dish in back. . The Liver panel tests they ran on me say my HCV is acute, chronic I've read a lot of the symptoms could be causes by the HCV. I've also read it has to do with Geo Type?-- Eat healthy, find a good Doctor. When you do feel good, Try to find happy things to do.-- I found this site and going to try and keep on it. I'll post what I find out (for me the DR thing is a slow process) And hope you post and keep us to date. So far this site is my only posting place.


Hi Gonzo,

You're going to get through this. Don't worry. Find out your genotype and what treatment is recommended. We don't know if your hepatitis C has to be treated first before chemo. We can't advise on that. However, if they want you to clear the hepatitis C first and you're having difficulty paying, then email me, Melissa McKnight at hcvmeds@gmail.com. You can also call our hotline 1-858-952-1077, we're open 24/7.

In the mean time as Bob suggested don't drink alcohol, eat fresh fruits and vegetables. No fatty foods please. Stay positive, times could be a little tough but you're going to get through this. Lots of love and hugs.


Thank you so much xx


Luekemia medicines activate Hepatitis B and C a lot so the team often test for these viruses first now, they will do liver function blood tests and a liver scan quickly to access if the Hep C has had any effect. Then they will move forward with treating both.


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