Hep C Treatment & Esomeprezole

Hi, I'm new to this site, I'm hoping that I'll be able to pick someones brains for some advise from actual sufferers as opposed to doctors, I have Hep C, 1, I was about to embark on the 12 week treatment plan, following a liver transplant last year (February), I have just been informed that I cant have the treatment as my esomeprazole tablets that I take for a throat stricture, will counteract the treatment, has anyone on here encountered this issue, have you found a replacement drug for the Esomeprezole? I am in a catch 22 situation, I need the treatment as my new liver is showing signs of cirrhosis, but if I stop taking the Esomeprezole my throat will close and I wont be able to take any pills/food/fluid ... any advise/experience will be appreciated, feel very lonely at the moment and baffled with doctor speak ..

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  • Prayers are with you!

  • Do not despair, my epilepsy left me untreatable the harvoni etc just had me fitting. Sooooo.... fought and found a treatment that interacted less, omm...ezoles are many, is there any team that deal with the throat? They can and should help on this. Also I fought through the fits and did not tell anyone and I cleared. Point is get a decent gastro to REALLY think at how to get you thru, I mean I suffered like a dog for 6 months of fits did only a third of the drugs but I cleared and am fighting fit 12 years later. if you in uk call me 0800 206 1899 on the helpline. hardest thing is the isolation/

  • I got an upper GI character who changed my anti acids and stunted my throat for the length of time the treatment took it worked!!

  • It was Stented not Stunted my throat 😂

  • I have not had treatment yet but I am going to see I am going to have similar problem with the carbamazepine I currently take. You may find this Liverpool University web page about drug interactions useful hep-druginteractions.org/ch...

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