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HI all, i am 59 years old and been drinking heavily since i was 13, i have been in hospital twice with jaundice and psychotic episodes. My liver went past the point of no return the doctors said but it recovered. i relapsed and drank again for 6 months and was really bad with the psychotic episodes. i am under a liver specialist and have been told i have fibrosis stage 2. Now i have been told i have Hep B. Does anyone know how this may progress. i am not drinking alcohol now , been sober over 6 months. i have no idea how long i have had Hep B because the alcohol may have been masking any illness i might have had .thanks

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Hi iainf5, I just, would like to say, hello and to say I have Hep b too. No drinking at all, well done. And eat healthily as well. Recently I was eating more bread than usual because I was going to have a celiac test and my liver scan has shown I have fatty liver. Alcohol and bread we can control. I do worry a bit about the Hep b but it's out of my control. Make sure you continue to see your hepatologist at the hospital. I see mine every 6 months now.

All the best

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Dear Iain,

With a HBV diagnosis, we then do 3 things to understand what the hbv infection may mean for our health looking forward and at the moment. These are

Liver Function Blood Tests - these give us the chance to see if the virus is active or inactive and if active how active. The tests that matter most are the ALT means inflammation/immune reaction AST means reversible levels of liver damage, Bilirubin means itching yellowness tiredness and night sweats, ALP means gall stones, AFP in the hundreds shows liver cancer, GTT means toxins and alcohol and Platelets means clotting and immune system. These may well be normal or close to if you have ceased drinking. Forward these and we can go through them see hepbpositive.org.uk/liver-f...

Then we do a HBV PCR set of tests on the HBV itself to see if the infection is high load growing or stable load. To see if we have a exact level quantity per IU/ml and a also see if the infection is passing or lasting. see


Then we do an Ultra sound of the liver which you mentioned is fibrosis stage 2 see


With HBV rest assured that the virus has been caught in time and a pill a day will be prescribed to keep it controlled going forward see


Can I suggest you download and print our HBV Accessing Best Care Booklet see


Finally do call us free on 0800 206 1899 if in the UK and talk more to experts who are qualified rather than google and get a structured education that fits exactly to your results and patient history.

Paul Desmond

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PS I was diagnosed with stage 4 fibrosis and cirrhosis 14 years ago and am now stage 2 and been well liver wise all this time. Paul

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