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Morning all.So glad its cooler.My question is to you lovely peeps is,does anyone on here suffer with tinnitus.Mine has increased a lot lately.The only difference is I had a flutter ablation 2 months aga(all good)then about a fortnight ago whilst on a relaxing holiday in the beautiful Cotswolds my tinnitus became very intrusive.I came home and BP was raised

gp put me back on Losarton very low.Bp now good but the tinnitus remains high volume.Thankyou for reading.

8 Replies
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Good Afternoon Ethel103, sorry to hear that this is bothering you and has intruded on a lovely holiday. Please feel free to contact our Patient Services Team for support and advice info@heartrhythmalliance.org. Alternatively, please visit our webpage for further information and patient resources: heartrhythmalliance.org/aa/uk/

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Good morning Ethel, saw your mail today and can tell you that Tinnitus is bothering me on a low level. Have PAF only twice last years. I believe my tinnitus is a part of my deafness esp. on one ear. Also the vestibular system is involved. Last year I wear my hearing aids ( hate it though 😉) more often and the tinnitus stays away. My sister same problem and solution. The brain start making some extra noise when your hearing is not perfect anymore which is ‘normal’ by aging. The best remedy against tinnitus is cognitive therapy. Hope this is informative for you.

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I did for a time .. since I started taking Taurine for my arrhythmia Mine is about completely gone

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I have pulsitile tinnitus. Some days are worse than others? My ENT told me nothing I could do about it.

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I was given Bluetooth hearing aids with a tinnitus function to drown out the pulsitile tinnitus, I just use them when it’s a bad day and it works a treat.

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I have constant tinnitus but only occasionally do I get pusitile tinnitus. It is very uncomfortable and difficult to sleep while it is going on. I found that Ring ear drops work very well for me. I get them over the counter at the drug store. It stops the pulsing within 10 minutes. My son also started getting the pulsitile tinnitus and his doctor explained it was a certain muscle in the ear canal and gave him a muscle relaxer and it went away.

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Thank you all.

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