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Living with … RAS and Syncope?

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Register today for the next FREE webinar from STARS in our 'Living with' series, where patients and healthcare professionals can hear the latest from Dr Boon Lim about RAS and Syncope.

Dr Boon Lim is a Consultant Cardiologist based in London, UK. He has a particular interest in the autonomic nervous system and the field of syncope and blackouts. Dr Boon Lim is considered one of the leading national experts on Syncope in the UK.

The webinar will be available on-demand from 8 June 2022.

Find out more and view the webinar agenda here:

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I have tried to log in and register and it keeps sending me around and around on a loop with the same questions. Can you check if I am now registered please Tracy.

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I am really sorry to any inconvenience caused - not a problem at all, I will message you shortly. Many thanks, TracyAdmin