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World Heart Rhythm Week 7th June - 13th June 2021

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Did you know? 🤔

In the UK, 100,000 sudden cardiac deaths each year 💔

I’m raising awareness of arrhythmias during World Heart Rhythm Week.

#ListenToYourHeart #WHRW2021

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I didn't know, but thanks for promulgating that. Good to know that awareness is being raised in this way! 👍

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You are welcome ! follow the links for further details !

I didn’t know it was on that scale. Shocking! In our society at present, cancer diagnoses certainly get the limelight. If I were to tell someone that I had cancer, there would be instant acknowledgment and empathy. I don’t have cancer. But in the last year, when telling friends etc that I have Brugada Syndrome recently diagnosed and an S-ICD fitted , the usual response is “Well you’ve done ok till now” or “it would be a good way to go” or “Any of us could just drop down with a SCA”. It’s interesting how these potentially fatal arrhythmic disorders seem to be disregarded. I guess it’s down to ignorance of the facts and lack of life experience of the conditions. By chance, as I write this the news details a young professional footballer who today collapsed on the field and required full CPR. Maybe press coverage of that event will help improve public awareness.

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