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Is there any vonnection between Nausea and a/f ?

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It should read connection between a/f and nausea.

In general I'd say that there is no connection, but my heart once went crazily fast and I felt nauseous, hot, sweaty and faint . Are you getting chest pain too and what medication are you taking?

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Good Morning, thank you for your post. If you would like support and advice about Atrial Fibrillation, the Patient Services Team will be happy to help at the A F Association,, alternatively please visit the website where you will find many Patient information resources available.

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Thankyou Tracy

Hi Alphakiwi, I'm newly diagnosed after 4+ years of seeking a firm diagnosis for paroxysmal Afib and I do quite often do get a sort of nauseous early warning that a bout of Afib is about to start. It's something which I picked up on over time, having not realised for ages that there was a bit of a connection. First I start to feel out of sorts and uber tired and then nausea sets in and, sure enough a few minutes later a bout of Afib begins.