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Palpitations sucking the life out of me


I am new here, so I am sorry if this is not the place for this. I just feel alone and lost as to what to do at this point

So a year ago I got a infection, apparently strep throat. I got covered in tiny blood spots and upon noticing these i had what i assume now to be a panic attack for the first time in my life.

The problem has been ever since then I have been having palpitations daily, random movements can cause it to hammer in my chest. Standing up causes it to pound away and laying back down makes it even worse. Laughing causes bad chest discomfort or sometimes to race

I then started getting pvc/pacs randomly during exercise and then at rest, lifting weights or even going for walks would randomly cause them. Now in these past few months they sometimes come in bouts of 3 extra beats in a row when im just relaxing at home, triplets i think they are called.

Now even after going for a 30 minute walk my heart with sit around 100bpm hours after ive finished and just relaxing at home.

I have not really explained it well but this has started causing me huge mental distress and weight gain as I am now to scared to exercise or even leave bed these days.

I have been to about three gps and a cardiologist and they cant find a cause of my palpitations and im just so scared that I will randomly go into cardiac arrest and just drop down dead. I dont know what to do.

(I know i need psychological help and ive been getting it but it doenst help)

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If you have been examined and had an ECG then your unlikely to get a cardiac arrest (or at least just as unlikely as anyone else). Your heart is irritated and needs to be looked after for a while. Stop alcohol, caffeine and limit sugar, make sure your electrolytes are OK and drink water regularly especially first thing in the morning, try not to stress and get plenty of sleep. Don't expect an overnight fix, it will take weeks. I would increase intake of banana and avocado. Consider taking a magnesium supplement (not magnesium oxide). These are simple and easy things the can make the world of difference.


I do understand you. I had similar problems and I tried everything. As you say I did not want to go out doing anything. Just thinking ... and waiting and .... After almost 10 years I decided to take antidepressive. I have my life back to normal. It was anxiety that caused Pvc .

Take magnesium and betablocker and antideprees. Highly recommanded Good luck.

If you can find somewhere such as your garden or a local park to do your 30 minute walk, try doing it in your bare feet. Grass, sand, unpainted concrete is OK. You can walk, sit or stand - as long as your bare skin is connected to Mother Earth.

If you can do this when you have an attack of the "bumps" (as I call them) you should get almost immediate relief.

Try it. Mother nature doesn't charge anything for this amazing service. :-)

If you want further information about Earthing just reply to this with any questions you have and I'll do my best.

Since you have seen your cardiologist and have been reassured that your heart is healthy, I would guess that much of your heart irritation is due to anxiety, inflammation, and an over-focusing on your heart. I suffer with the same things, especially when I'm stressed. Things that have helped me are: taking a beta blocker, taking magnesium supplements, eating a healthy diet (low sugar, no caffeine, lots of vegetables, limited gluten), staying hydrated, getting exercise daily, losing my fear of them to help reduce adrenaline, seeing a therapist , yoga and or meditation. The worst thing you can do is focus on them. They tend to come and go, so try to accept them. I know that's hard, but it's worth it. Good luck!

I'm in the same boat. Started after Iron and b12 anemia in April and sitting here today with 2 week monitor on chest. Cardio says anxiety but already had 3 and first day of monitor. They are horrible and feed the anxiety and make it worse. Sorry haven't got anything helpful to say but hang in there x

I have had relief for 3 months now using steps Shcldavies descibes so aptly. So please at least try these measures. stop alcohol, caffieine,limit sugar. Use Mg supplement preferably Magnesium carbonate which is highly soluble and cheap.

I suffer from svt, and have had this for over 20 years what I can say in the last 5 years I have learnt how to deal with this more by eating, drinking and exercising as normal. Please don't let this affect your lifestyle especially exercise which is good for your body try not to lift too heavy weights but running and walking is great for your heart. There is always someone to talk too on here or other places don't bottle your worries up. Talk to release the stresses of everyday life.

PLEASE SEE MY POST ON Roemheld Syndrome.And Dr Sanjay Guptas video on Gastric Cardia Syndrome!!

I’m wondering whether it’s worth going back to your GP to ask for a referral to have investigations for POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) using the Tilt Table test. I think you can find out more from the Arrhythmia Alliance and STARS websites. If your heart rate is affected by posture and stays high it could be POTS. It’s a genuine medical condition, not some cranky pseudoscience thing. My local NHS hospital does the tilt table test in the cardiology department, so don’t be fobbed off by GPs and the like for being a hypochondriac.

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