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Does anybody have flip flop,fluttering indiscriminately which lasts for a few seconds?



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Yes I have this ongoing, most disconcerting.

mbw240159 in reply to meadfoot

How long have you been experiencing I have for 10 years +

meadfoot in reply to mbw240159

Since 2009 but it has got worse this past three years or so.

wbekim in reply to meadfoot

Have you had a medical opinion

meadfoot in reply to wbekim

Could be brief af or ectopic beats apparently. However I am not so sure.

Contra21 in reply to meadfoot

How do you get them to go away.

meadfoot in reply to Contra21

They come and go randomly with me. I take beta blocker and anticoagulant plus a rhythm control drug to try to stop af when it comes.

An ECG reads electrical activity in your heart. If it finds a problem, what's the next step?

If your car has an intermittent electrical fault what's the first thing an auto-electrician will check in his process of elimination?

Loose Earth connection?

Same with your ticker - so try Earthing yourself properly when you have a problem and see if it cures it.

It works for me.


How do you do that?

It couldn't be easier - all you have to do is to stand or sit with your bare feet touching the grass, sand or unpainted concrete when you feel the "bumps".

It works in seconds for me but for some it takes up to ten minutes.

If it works for you then you can also pre-empt the "bumps" by Earthing regularly.

Some people are more sensitive to electricity than others are so it doesn't necessarily work for everyone, but the people I know who have tried it have all benefitted.

Ah right...interesting.How did you find out about this?

It was recommended by a friend so I watched, "The Earthing Movie".

I then did a few months of research and decided that there was nothing to lose so I tried it.

I've been doing it for nearly a year now, and so have a lot of my family and friends.

It's a bit chilly outside at the minute so we are using Earthing Mats inside.

Ah right, how do they work?

The mat is earthed to your house circuit via a plug. The plug has two prongs that are plastic and not connected to anything, only the Earth prong is wired in.

This connects the mat to the Earth because your home circuit has to be Earthed - usually to an Earth rod buried outside somewhere.

No electricity is used.

The Earth under our feet is negatively charged and will neutralise any excess electricity in our bodies that has built up by being around electrical appliances and cables.

I have an EMF meter and it shows that the charge in my body gets high when I'm near an electrical product such as a microwave cooker or a mobile phone. If I Earth myself this charge drops to almost zero.

Our hearts know when to beat because of a tiny electrical charge that is generated in the upper right chamber and then travels through our heart in a sequence so that each chamber fills and empties properly. If a rogue charge is either interrupting or over-riding this charge, or if there are dozens of extra signals, then our heart has problems. Mine was getting 30 to 40 thousand extra signals a day so was very confused and I had heart failure at level 4.

Earthing ourselves "normalises" our electrical system.

That's my understanding of how it works.

We live on the Earth but are not usually connected to it like we used to be.

Because we wear insulating soles outside our home and walk on insulating vinyl or carpet and wear insulating slippers inside, we have reduced our contact with the Earth.

As has been pointed out on here, we can Earth ourselves in a variety of ways, eg touching taps or radiators - but only if the pipes are not made of plastic.

Barefoot on damp grass is best but is not always possible or practical.

I use a mat as a mousepad and I rest my feet on one when I'm in bed.

No ectopics now and my HF was at level 2 last time I had a scan about a year ago.

I have managed to gradually reduce my heart medication to a quarter of a 5mg tablet of Nebivolol now (with approval of Specialist) and my heart rate is much improved. On 5mg my heart rate was often too low (low 40's).

Apologies for the long post.


Thanks for the information and what fantastic news about the improvement in your health.I'm not sure about the mat but are you saying I could just touch my radiators.How long would I have to do this?Very interesting stuff.

If you touch skin with anything, or anyone, that is Earthed then you are Earthed too.

I found that 20 -30 mins before bedtime worked well. I started doing it to help with arthritic pain but the first benefit I got was the best night's sleep I'd had for many years. When your bare feet are touching the earth the K1 point on your feet sends an immediate signal to your brain and it switches from sympathetic mode to parasympathetic mode and you start to relax.

A word of caution...

When your electrical system is "balanced" then your red blood cells have a negative charge round their entire outer surface. Two negatives will repel each other so your blood is less likely to "clump". This can have implications if you take a "blood-thinner" and you would need to monitor this.

To enhance Earthing you just need to make sure that you are hydrated as it is the water in each cell that acts as a conductor.

There's nothing to lose so kick off your shoes. (There's a song in there somewhere.)

Ah right, well I'm not on any blood thinners but maybe I'll give it a go.Thanks.😃

I do indeed.I hate it too!😒

Just keeps me on edge all of the time very worrying and frustrating and makes me feel exhausted and depressed

I know.I'm on propanolol and the consultant said after a five day ECG that I have a small number of ectopics, both PAC and PVC and occasional short- lived bouts of atrial arrhythmia which he wouldn't say was afib as it was too short a run.Early afib in my book though.Have you had a diagnosis?

Yes, just happens out of the blue, either flutter or very fast uneven heart rhythm for 10 or 20 seconds often quite thumpy. Never get a chance to catch it on the Kardia as its over so quickly. It happens during walks, in bed and just sitting. Ive never found a specific trigger. Sometimes it only happens a couple of times per week other times a few times per day.

wbekim in reply to Goldfish7

You are lucky mine happen numerous times daily keeps me in panic cycle which ends in depression and extreme fatigue