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Frightening dilemma

Hi to you all

I find myself in a situation which I hope some one can relate to. I have suffered from af for nearly four years and it is getting worse I have been told that I should concider a ablation . But I am not sure if this would work in my case . As all my af attacks are felt in my underside of my heart along with my stomach . So a laying the top cambers I don't know if this would help. Or can they ablate the chambers at the bottom of the heart??. I really want a ablation as the medication is really effecting me badly . Really need some positive views on this . I have read some posts regarding the vagus nerve which seems to relate to me. I really can say

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I can't advise you on ablation, as I haven't had one, nor do I know the mechanics of the procedure . However, I relate very much to the vagus nerve. I am currently feeling the effects of an attack yesterday, feels like you are having AF but nothing shows up on the readings. Totally debilitating when you have an attack though, isn't it? I found an article relating to the vagus nerve and it basically says that whilst it is totally debilitating it won't be life-threatening (hard to remember that when you are in the middle of an attack!)


Thank you bulver for replying

yes it sure can take it out of you

I have asked this question on various sites but never get Answer as such which in itself is making me nervous and without informed info it is hard to decide my next move . I cannot be the only one who only feels af in the stomach


I can email a copy of the article to you if you are interested, I am not saying it is totally accurate, but does give some credence to the problems we report which appear (to me, at least) invisible . The last report from my EP to my GP talked about the problem being 'vaso-vagal', which seems to indicate a connection with the vagus nerve. Will apply more research to this in the next few days.


Cheers bulver that would be great my e-mail is

Once again thank you for your time and interest


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