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New to any forum but long term endurer of irregular heart beats

After years of checks and being told my irregulars were normal, 4 years ago after a stress test during which I fortunately had mega irregulars, I was told I have venticular tachycardia. Beta blockers didn't work so I've been on flecainide acetate since July 2012, after which I did another stress test which went well and I haven't seen a cardiologist since. Various reports (I shouldn't have looked at) mention high mortality rate so I've sought a referral to discuss future treatment. Would welcome hearing from other long term flecainide users.

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Hi Gill68.

I was taking Flecainide for 12 years but in my case for Atrial Fibrillation. This drug kept my AF at bay for about 75 percent of the time. I only came off it last July because my PAF (paroxysmal AF) became persistent AF which meant that the flecainide had ceased to work. I suppose I shouldn't grumble as it did keep me safe for 12 years. Hopefully the flecainide will work as well for you

Not sure if this helps you at all as your problem is with your ventricle.

Are you on warfarin or some other anti coagulant.

Wishing you all the best.

By the way you are the same age as my elder daughter born April 1968.



Thanks for your response. No, I'm not prescribed anything else other than self prescribing a glass of wine in the evening! Best wishes



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