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Julie Davies

Episodes of AF starting 7 years ago, diabetic, various medications over the years abulation offered but not sure it would be of any great benefit.  After latest episode I have requested a complete review as health providers have been at different locations and all with different views and approaches.  Completely confused and frustrated need some straight information and advice as how to proceed.

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Hi Julie

Well firstly there is a dedicated AF forum, which might help.

But to address your question the most likely treatment path for you now might be an ablation, you need to ensure you are seeing a specialist, which is an EP (Electrophysiologist) as they are best placed to bring all this together and advise you, and of course self education on the topic, read the AFA website cover to cover loads of useful stuff on there, and ask question in the forum many people there in the same boat who will assist.

Be well



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