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Hand Spasms And Tachycardia

Hi I am a 15 yr old female,

Hope someone can help , I have had fast heart for around 3 years now and still have no diagnosis . I have an appointment with the cardiologist on the 23rd of November. I am getting these symptoms


Hand Spasms



Blurred Vision

Pre Syncope



Hope someone can help

Thanks Megan

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Hi Megan

Thats really tough to go through at your age, and of course even if I could reach through the screen and see your ECG I'm nowhere near qualified to be able to interpret it.

Is this the first time you are seeing a cardiologist? you say you've had it for 3 years so I would have hoped they would see you before then.

I have no idea what's wrong with you, not even going to attempt to guess, but let's try and at least set to rest a few things which might be worrying you.

1) It's very very unlikely that this is fatal, you've posted here because it does sound like you have an arrythmia, and 9,999 times out of 10,000 this is not a fatal condition.

2) So what's going to happen, well again putting my witches hat on and trying to predict, first and obviously an ECG I am sure you've had those before, just some electrodes on your chest and legs and they make a recording. Now I know this will not trouble you, but every time I have an ECG I swear those staff take one look at my chest and choose the hairiest parts to stick those things on, I'm sure they are trained it it :)

Then what well maybe an echocardiogram, again painless like pregnancy scan, but this time of your heart. They might also do a dye injected angiograph, not going to say no pain. but just a tiny amount, as they inject the dye into you while you lie under a sort of scanner (very star wars and just a little claustrophobic) Worst thing about an angiograph, when they dye goes in (and they tell you this ) it feels like you have wet yourself (you haven't)

They might also ask for a halter monitor, all this is is a ECG which stays on you for usually 24 hours or a week, and records your heartbeat and rate for a longer peirod so they can see what is going on.

Once they know what is going on with your heart, then there are oddles of ways for them to treat it, and agaion don't worry too much could be drugs, or could be a procedure such as an ablation, but science now means this is done in a Cath Labn not even a full operating theatre so good are they at treating arrthymias now.

Now you are going to hate this, but I am going to ask you to try and relax before the appointment, chill a little, but do all the things you would usually do, but perhaps not to excess, no wild partying I suspect, but you will be fine and will you come back and tell us how you get on?


Be well



Hi Megan, its tough for you. I had episodes of tachycardia, lot of ectopic beats and dizziness when I was 18 but it wasn't captured and I wasn't taken seriously. Didn't get diagnosed until I was 29 and pregnant. Went on to have my daughter and I'm now 59.

Make a list of your symptoms and any questions you have. They may ask you about your family medical history so it might be useful to have notes with you. If you have lost someone, even if you never knew them, do you know why and how old they were?

Some of your symptoms may not be cardiac related and the cardiologist may dismiss them. I get very tense around my neck and shoulders and most of my dizzy spells and left arm pins and needles are due to a trapped nerve.

Is anyone going with you? Sometimes it useful to have someone to remember all the things you forget. On the other hand a companion can inhibite you a bit. so think about it.

Most important don't be scared, I know it's scary but as Beancounter says it's very very rarely fatal. As you are young and have not been seen before, you may have the works so they cover everything and have a base line to start from. As well as all the things Beancounter mentioned, this may also include an MRI and treadmill test.

Do let us know how you get on.


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I hope a thorough review of blood panels has already been done to rule out endocrinology issues like thyroid and blood calcium. You seem awfully young to be having symptoms like those related only to electrical problems of the heart. Best wishes for a successful diagnosis and full recovery.


Megan, sorry to hear about your cardiac issues.

I recommend this group --

They have cardiac screening open in November that you may want to attend.

Best wishes.


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