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Are these ectopics? I'm so scared!

Hi all, my first post, so anxious right now. I've had palpitations for a while. Had an echo, stress test and holter monitor. It's picked up a couple of PACS and PVCS which I felt.

But I also get on occasion a few palpitations when I lay on my left hand side in bed. I feel my pulse and it's irregular with strong thuds. But I get up and it goes away instantly. I haven't had these recorded on holter yet as they only happen rarely.

Should I be overly concerned right now? I went to my doctor he said prob just ectopic beats, but it was so scary as it just wasn't one and it wouldn't stop until I got up.

Please I need some reassurance .

I'm 31 year old female.

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There are quite a few posts re this type of event on the Health Unlocked AFA Forum. Quite a few of us with AF (including me) have problems sleeping on our left sides. If you have only seen your GP then I would ask to get referred to a Cardiologist or an Electrophysiologist.



I'm a little late replying but I've been having this for a few months now and it's most nights. Just had a 3 day monitor and waiting for results. It's unsettling initially but I find sleeping slightly propped up on my back helps but my sleep is hugely disturbed by it.


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