update on pacemaker implant 16th September still having some of previous symptoms

I had pacemaker implanted 2 weeks ago which went without issues however as time has progressed I am still having light headiness and fatigue and 2 days ago went back to hospital as I was having palpitations and the above symptoms consequently they adjusted pm and I have not been as aware of palpitations but not gone completely I could feel them first thing this morning along with strange feeling in head. Is continuing to try get out and about and walk on average 2to 3 miles wise or should I go back again to hospital I got the feeling it's adjusted now so you should be ok . Anyone got advice re adjusting to all this ? My previous plan to recover away in caravan seems obviously did not happen as I feel very vulnerable. has anyone out there had same feelings I just want to get back on track maybe I am too impatient.

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  • It does take a little time to adjust to the new you. I found I was more aware of every little change in rhythms for about 6 months. Give it time. When you have your regular checkup they sometimes adjust it and you'll feel strange until you are used to it again.

  • Hi Grandadbren,

    I felt much the same as you afterwards...bit vulnerable and definitely shell shocked. I found adjusting to the lump in my shoulder and feeling it firing when I laid on my left side difficult to get used to. Like the other poster, it took me quite a few months before I felt used to it and more confident.

    Ithink having initial problems (the palpitations) has probably shaken you up a bit too. I've had palpitations recently - which I've never had before - and they worried me even 7 years after having a pm...they can be generated by the settings.

    I was told that if your heart rate goes above the top rate that your pm is set to, you can get palpitations, and conversely if the base rate (lowest rate) is set too low for you they can happen too. The PM produces a print out at every check. You can ask for a copy of it. It looks like gobble de gook initially....but find out about the settings and ask questions. The technicians will explain how it is set and slowly you will take control and learn. It's your body and they are there to help you, so ask how it is set up and what can be done to help you with any symptoms.

    It's a guess, but maybe the walking is the trigger as when you exercise your heart rate goes up? It's important to find out whether this is the trigger, as you may need some extra help when exercising. I have a setting called rate response, which kicks in if I exercise. I recently found out that it is triggered by moving my arms, but if I cycle and my upper body is still it won't kick in! Who would have known?

    You can have the top rate and the base rate on your PM adjusted and they can make lots of other adjustments to "customise" it for you. I think you did the right thing asking for adjustments to be made. Most people go backwards and forwards to the clinic initially until the settings are right for them, so don't be afraid to ask. It takes a little while.

    If I can help with anything please ask. I'd also recommend the pacemaker club (google it). There are some really informed people on that website who know loads about pacing.

    Your feelings are entirely normal. I was a complete mess and quite scared.


  • thanks for your reassurance I did not expect to feel like this I feel like I have taken a huge step backwards as the week before implantation I was mixing concrete and fixing some new gates and posts and now I feel weak and unfit and wonder if I can ever do dig again , I take heart in the fact that you mention riding your bike which I hope to get back to doing in the maybe distant future. I have been in touch with pacing clinic again and they seem to be of opinion that it's been checked so you should be ok the good news is though that I have had a good day today walked about 4 miles and all ok .

  • Pleased it helped. Well done with the walking....but don't push yourself too hard. Having "things" implanted into your chest, local anaesthesia and wires placed into your arteries/surface of your heart isn't to be under-estimated. We can't all spring back like elastic!

    Take it easy and don't expect miracles perhaps


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