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Hello! I’m new to this forum, so thought I would introduce myself! I had a perforated right eardrum when I was a baby following a middle ear infection, which was then operated on and I had a new eardrum grafted at the age of 12 (I’m 27 now). I had a few infections afterwards, I was diagnosed with having granular myringitis (basically an infection in the scar tissue of the graft) it was treated and cleared nicely years ago, although as a consequence of the perforation I have been left with mild hearing loss, and unable to hear high frequency sounds, although so far the audiologists have decided against a hearing aid as I was borderline on their graphs and my left ear compensates well for my right one! However..... these last 18 months have been a nightmare! I have suffered infection after infection after infection, on antibiotics very regularly, and I have been diagnosed with Eustachian tube dysfunction, all in the same right ear! My GP referred me for a hearing test last year when it all started, as I have been struggling with my hearing, I can hear things but it’s like the volume has been turned down to low! It was a total waste of time, I was in and out in less than 5 minutes so I don’t get how he could get any kind of information or a picture of what was happening! Even though I had concerns because I could hear much much more and much more clearly when they tested behind my ear compared to through the headphones, he just told me oh it will be blocked and said that’s it you can go after less than 5 minutes! The ones I’ve had in the past have been so much longer and in depth! I am going back to my GP in 2 weeks to get re referred as neither of us were happy with the last test, and I am really struggling with my hearing now, if someone is on my right hand side I have no chance to being able to hear them speak, any background noise and I can’t hear what someone is saying, and I am always needing to turn the TV/radio up! It is beginning to affect my job too as I work in a nursery, so you can imagine the noise so trying to hear someone talk to me can be a nightmare, especially as my hay fever has kicked in and made my ETD worse on top of all of the infections!

Sorry, I wasn’t intending to make this such a long post! Just wanted to say hi :) X

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I notice no one has replied to you - in fact I don’t think anyone monitors this forum. You really have had a bad time with your right ear - and yes you should be re referred - a cursory 5 minute check is just not good enough.

Your poor hearing is really affecting your daily life and job and there must be some help out there. Let us know how you get on. Xx


Hi! Thank you for your reply :) I am a member of the asthma uk forum and when flicking through I came across this forum too :) Thank you for your kind words, I am seeing my GP on Wednesday so hoping she can help me get it sorted, fingers crossed x