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Is there anyone else, beside me, who has Musical tinnitus?

I've had musical tinnitus for a year or so and found it was very difficult to describe the problem to family and friends. I went to a Tinnitus Support group and no one had experienced it. I wrote a light-hearted description of my experiences (some of which might seem a bit spooky) but there's been no response so far.

I'm beginning to think musical tinnitus is much rarer than I thought. I'm getting louder music more often and I'm arranging to see a specialist like an ENT doctor to get advice.

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Very rare I should think! Most of us have bog standard annoying tinnitus! Sounds fascinating😀

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Hi! Glad to hear from you. We've both got the more common tinnitus but I seem to have had my roaring noises etc swamped by the musical sounds. Right now I've got what sounds like a male chorus of a military march? - familiar but don't know its name.

It was muted at first but has got louder-intrigued at first but you can get very brassed off with hearing even your favourite sounds repeated for hours on end. The music's just changed- still military but can't name that tune. Cheers