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Does this sound like Meniere's disease?

After the birth of my second child, I started getting really sensitive to noise. I developed an upper respiratory cold for 2 months with a chronic cough that eventually subsided.

After the cold ended, my ears started ringing for brief seconds and felt like they were equalizing. I also became very sensitive to sound. Kids yelling, forks & knives clanging made me cringe.

Then I started getting positional vertigo on my right ear with extremely bad headaches. The headaches felt like they were deep in my left ear. My left ear also feels full at times. I wake up with it full but it dissipates throughout the day. There is also faint tinnitus but I've always had that under conditions of stress. I also developed panic attacks again around this time.

Previously I suffered and still do suffer from GAD.

I went to an ENT and he performed the hearing test twice and both times it was normal. He does not believe I have Menieres. I have read that some people go undiagnosed.

The BPPV was treated but I still have this constant off balance feeling and when I haven't eaten or feel really stressed by ear feels full again like a headache is coming and then I start to feel really off balance. In the background, I am always slightly off balance.

I am trying to figure if this could be stress, residual BPPV although BPPV was in my right ear and this is in my left. Or if it could be some residual issues from the cold I had or maybe it is menieres.

Any suggestions?

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I literally have the same issue


I have Ménière's and it's quite debilitating. Vertigo randomly, bad tinnitus and significant hearing loss. After my episodes my hearing loss gets worse and about 6 months ago it did not come back. I now have a hearing aid which stops the tinnitus and helps with directional sound. I was diagnosed at 31 and and 32 now but it did take a couple of years to diagnose (after different consultants and brain scans etc).

I was say that because you were ill it sounds more viral and the after effects of that? Not a specialist though- more talking from my own experience.

Hopefully you'll start to feel better soon. Kerry


Thanks Kerry. The vertigo came a couple of months after my cold finally went away - so I am not entirely sure they are connected. My neurologist that I saw the other day says based on some of the other symptoms I have, sounds like Migraine Associated Vertigo.